Lincoln Weld Pad 140 HD

Are you looking for the perfect MIG welder?

One that’ll make you feel proud of your weld repair?

A Lincoln for that juicy project you have in mind.

You’ll find the Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD K2514 MIG welder an easy to use and flexible welder.

But wait.

The Weld Pak 140 welder is known by. And is sold under a few different brand names;

  • The Pro MIG 140
  • The MIG Pack 140
  • The Easy MIG 140
  • And the Weld Pak 140 HD

You have the same welder but different names.


You’ll find more on that later.

The input power of 120 volts means your Lincoln 140 is perfect for your light to medium welding jobs. These legendary little red corvettes of welding can use both flux core welding wire. And solid wire with shielding gas.

The tasty question of the day is;

When your tempted to buy a Weld Pak 140 HD .. should you?

Pros Of The Lincoln 140HD MIG Welder

  • You’ll find it quick and easy to set up and use. Perfect if you’re a beginner.
  • Designed for welding mild steel and Aluminum. You’ll find your Lincoln 140HD Weld Pak is perfect for those welding projects. And repairs in and around your home, yard, ranch and workshop.
  • You’ve a duty cycle of 20% @ 90 Amp on your Lincoln 140. Which is pretty solid for this class of MIG welder.
  • When you buy you’ll get a durable robust welder from an excellent brand name.
  • You can weld up your Aluminum projects when you use its optional Magnum 100SG spool gun.

Cons Of The Lincoln 140HD MIG Welder

  • You pay a bit more for the Lincoln Electric brand name. You’ll find here quality comes with a price tag.
  • You’ll get a 4 stepped welding output dial. If you’re a more experienced welder looking to fine tune your welding. You may find a 4 stepped dial frustrating.
  • You’ll find no mention of stainless steel welding. Or the ability to use Tri-Mix gas. Is welding stainless steel high on your agenda? Then perhaps look elsewhere.

Verdict On tTe Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD

When you weld with your Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD you should feel excited and proud of your weld beads. 

Are you a beginner?

Use the first class brand name of Lincoln Electric. And lay down those beginner welding beads.

Are you a more experienced welder?

Then you’ll get your monies worth with this legend of a MIG welder.

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Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD K2514

Lincoln Electric 140

For use in and around the home, yard and workshop.

With the optional Aluminum spool gun you can also use this Lincoln Electric to weld those Aluminum projects you have in mind.

You can read through from start to finish. Or take a look at the table of contents and go straight to what you want to know in this review.

Many Lincoln 140 Welders. So What’s The Difference?

You’ll find your Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD sold and called many names.

There is the:

  • Lincoln 140HD Weld Pak
  • Lincoln 140 Pro MIG welder
  • Lincoln 140 MIG Pak
  • Lincoln 140 Easy MIG welder

So how do there specs compare?

Weld Pak 140HDPro MIG 140MIG Pak 140Easy MIG 140
13.7″ H x 10.15″ W x 17.9″ L
Weight: 50 lbs.SameSameSame
Duty Cycle: 20% @ 90 AmpSameSameSame
Output Voltage: 30 – 140 AmpSameSameSame
Weld Aluminum?
Yes with Spool Gun
Max Steel Weld Width:
5/16 ths

All The Lincoln 140’s In A Row

What’s happening here?

Why do all these Lincoln 140 spec’s look the same?

And why does Lincoln have so many MIGs with the same specs?

Read on…

Lincoln Electric sells this welder through a few distribution partners.

Amazon, Lowes, Sears, Home Depot etc.

The different names mean each partner can sell the same welder under their own brand.

A name that is unique to them.

And a name that makes it sound like it’s a specific welder only they sell.

An example is:

Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD’s are typically sold by Home Depot. That’s how you get the HD bit.

Lincoln Electric sells direct on its website the MIG Pak 140.

The review you read here is valid for them all.

The Lincoln 140HD Weld Pak or 140 Pro MIG welder or the 140 MIG Pak and the 140 Easy MIG welder.

And I’ll use the names through out this post.

Cause what they call it really doesn’t matter. They are all the same.

Not sure how to go about picking the right MIG welder?

I have an article you might want to read first.

Review And Overview Of The Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD

You can grab the Lincoln 140 Weld Pak if you’re just starting out on your MIG welding journey.

Or if you’re a master welder looking for a solid MIG welder. One that you can carry with you to those jobs where you don’t need a stronger welder.

When you’ve light bordering on medium welding jobs.

Like those straight forward but important repairs around your home and yard.

Your Lincoln Electric 140 HD Weld Pak is light enough for you to take to a repair out in the field or on your farm.

How do you judge a light to medium welding job?

You look at the welder’s duty cycle, voltage output and thickness of metal you can weld.

They tell you how long you can use your welder for. And the thickness of the metal you can weld.

And you can feast on those facts a little later on in the post. For now a video.

YouTube Lincoln HD Video Moment 1

Time for you to take a look at an overview of this Weld Pak 140HD. Here in this under 3 minute YouTube video, it’s under its Easy MIG 140 guise

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 140 Flux-Core/MIG Welder

Video Credit: Northern Tool

The Lincoln 140 HD Duty Cycle

When you’re in the know. You’ll realize one of the first things you want to discover about a welder is its duty cycle.

The Lincoln 140 HD duty cycle is 20% @ 90 Amp output.

So what?

This duty cycle makes it a decent welder. But not one built for heavy welding tasks.

Curious to know more about the Lincoln 140 Duty cycle? Read more here.

Lincoln 140HD MIG Welder Output Controls

You’ll discover that your Weld Pak 140HD is simple to set up and use.

You’ll find the on/off switch on the front.

Pro Mig 140 dials
Pro Mig 140 dials

Where you’ll also find the two dials you control your welder with.

One dial you use to set your welding output voltage.

You’ll find it’s a tapped dial with output settings from A to D. And that controls your welding output of 30 Amp to your top setting of 140 Amp.

The other dial on the front you use to set the speed your welding wire feeds out at.

Want to find out more about the Lincoln 140 Weld Pak settings? You can take a look at this document on the site.

The thermal trip protection light is there too. And will signal when you go over the Lincoln 140 Weld Pak’s duty cycle.

Are you looking for some other options for a beginner MIG Welder?

You can always take a peek at a MIG comparison here on the site.

The Lincoln 140HD Weld Pak’s Protection From Over Heating

You’ve inbuilt protection if you go over your Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140’s duty cycle.


This is to stop you doing terminal damage to your welder because of over heating. The inbuilt protection will stop your Lincoln 140 HD welder from welding. And the light on the front will come on.

Then you’ll need to wait for your welder to cool.

The thermal protection will reset automatically.

But there is a circuit breaker on the back which will pop out. You’ll need to press and reset it manually.

Weld Pak 140 Circuit Breaker On Back
Weld Pak 140 Circuit Breaker On Back

Lincoln MIG 140 Metals And Thickness Welded

Mild Steel

Your Lincoln MIG 140 welder will weld mild steel sizes from 24 gauge through to 3/16th of an inch in a single pass. 

Your Lincoln Easy MIG 140 can even weld up to 5/16th of an inch thick mild steel.

But when you’re welding 1/4 inch to 5/16ths mild steel you’ll need to take multiple welding passes. And you’ll need to use flux core wire to get good penetration.

Lincoln recommends their Innershield flux core wire for welding 1/4 of an inch to 5/16th of an inch mild steel.

Flux core welding wire is well known for better weld penetration on thicker steel. Though flux core wire welding can produce more welding spatter.

Not sure what spatter is? I have a document about it here.

When you’re looking to weld steel thinner than 24 gauge. Say for example car panels.

You will need to have a skilled light hand. Or risk blowing through the thin steel.

Perhaps not something for a beginner’s project with this welder.


Your Lincoln MIG 140 will weld 22 gauge Aluminum. And up to 10 gauge Aluminum when you use its optional Magnum 100SG Spool gun.

Stainless Steel

There is no indication of the Easy MIG 140 welding stainless steel. Welding stainless steel does take more out of MIG welder.

Powering Your Lincoln 140HD Weld Pak

Welding in Your Home Garage?

You’ll need a normal 3 pin household socket with a good earth. A socket that outputs 120 volts.

You will need a 20 Amp fused circuit at least. or you to use your Lincoln 140 HD welder. To use its total welding output, you’ll need a 30 Amp fused circuit.

No matter which fuse type you use don’t be tempted to power anything else on the same circuit as your 140 MIG welder.

Because that’ll take away power your welder needs to use and will affect the quality of your weld beads.

And you may have trouble even striking an arc.

Lincoln 140 Welder Wire Size And Types

Flux Core Welding Wire: you can use 0.030 to 0.035 inch flux cored wire.

Mild Steel Solid MIG Wire: you can use 0.025 to 0.035 inch solid steel wire.

Aluminum Solid MIG Wire: you can use 0.030 inch Aluminum wire.

You can buy and use reels of two pounds (four inch) welding wire. Or ten pounds (eight inch) in size.

Your Weld Pak 140 comes with an adaptor so that you can fit in the larger wire spools.

This is great as you can take advantage of the cheaper cost per pound of the 10 lb. or 11 lb. spools.

Looking for mild steel MIG welding wire for your Weld Pak K2514? I have an article that lists the best.

Or searching for flux core wire for mild steel I go into all the details here.

Or some Aluminum wire? Check out my article here.

The Wire Feed Drive System On The 140 Weld Pak

A robust wire feed drive system is one of the most important points on a MIG welder. Because poor wire feed will ruin your weld.

And best of all, your Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140HD has an Aluminum drive system.

This drive system is solid and sturdy. And designed to prevent crushing or tangling of your wire feed.

The quality of the wire drive system makes it clear. Here you’re not looking at some plastic cheap imported welder.

Lincoln Electric 140 HD Drive System
Lincoln Electric 140 HD Drive System

The wire feed speed control is variable. You use the wire feed dial on the front of the unit. You can pick the speed you want between 50 to 500 inches per minute.

What Shielding Gas Can The Lincoln Electric 140 Welder Use?

Using your Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD as a MIG welder will see you using solid wire. And getting yourself a tank of shielding gas.

Your Weld Pak 140 HD can use a standard 75% Argon and 25% Carbon Dioxide mix for welding mild steel.

The Weld Pak 140 will also use 100% Carbon Dioxide if you want to use that for your mild steel projects.

Would you like more information about shielding gases for MIG welding mild steel? Click here.

Your Lincoln 140 MIG welder uses 100% Argon for welding Aluminum. The gas you’ll need to use to weld Aluminum.

Your Lincoln 140 comes with a dual gauge Harris gas regulator.

You’ll find it a good quality regulator for feeding your MIG gas. But it’s for Argon gas mixes only.

Want to use 100% Carbon Dioxide to weld with?

Then you’ll need to buy a regulator made for CO2 gas.

There is no mention of the Weld Pak using Tri-Mix gas.  You use Tri-Mix gas for MIG welding stainless steel.

Lincoln MIG Pak 140 Changing Welding Polarity

As needed you’ll need to also change polarity when moving from welding flux core. To solid wire and shielding gas.

Changing the polarity from positive to negative is easy on this welder. And it’s the simple swapping of terminals on the inside of the cabinet.

Welding Aluminum With Lincoln 140 MIG Pak

Yes you can weld Aluminum using the Lincoln 140 Aluminum spool gun.

The Magnum 100SG is the compatible Aluminum spool gun you’ll need to buy.

It doesn’t come in the box with your Lincoln 140 MIG welder.

It’s a must when you want to weld Aluminum. And you can find out more about it at this link here.

What Do Users Of The Lincoln Electric 140 HD Weld Pak Think?

Your Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD has a solid track record. And you’ll find many happy users.

Take a look for yourself at what others have said. 

Here is a link to the Weld Pak 140 HD sales page on Amazon for you to take a look at the reviews.

View the Lincoln Weld Pak 140 Sales Page

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Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can click on the star ratings that intrigue you.

Lincoln 140 HD Manual

Here’s a link to the Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD manual. Lincoln Electric calls it the Operator’s Manual.

You’ll find it’s key ahead of buying your Weld Pak 140 to see how good the manual is.

That way you can gauge how easy it’ll be for you to use. The manual has Spanish and French sections for those native speakers.

You can find it here.

Credit: Lincoln Electric

Looking for the Lincoln Pro MIG 140 manual? Or the 140 MIG Pak, or the 140 Easy MIG welder manual?

As the welders are the same this copy of the manual will work for you too.

What Comes In The Box With Your Weld Pak 140?

Lincoln 140 with everything supplied in the box
Lincoln 140 with everything supplied in the box
  • Your welding gun – a Magnum 100L with 10 feet of hose.
  • Your grounding clamp with 10 feet of cable
  • 0.025 inch contact tips x 3
  • 0.035 inch contact tips x 3 (one installed in the welding gun)
  • Black nozzle for flux core welding
  • Brass nozzle for gas and solid wire welding
  • Adaptor for you to use with 8 inch wire spools
  • Harris Gas dual gauge regulator
  • 52 inch hose for your MIG welding gas
  • Sample spool of 0.025 inch Super Arc solid MIG wire
  • Sample spool of 0.035 inch flux core wire
  • A DVD with the Lincoln Weld Pak HD Manual on it. And a ‘How To Weld’ video, and a parts list.

Lincoln are quite generous with the number spare contact tips they give you.

And you get two types of quality Lincoln Electric wire sample spools in the box do your first welds.

YouTube Lincoln HD Video Moment 2, Unboxing The Weld Pak 140HD

Want to look how the Weld Pak 140 HD comes out of the box?

Then sneak a peak at this unboxing YouTube video.

Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD MIG Welder Unboxing and Setup Part 1 of 2

Video Credit: Into the Dirtshop

Is Your Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD Portable?

Yes, it is.

At 50 pounds in weight and dimensions of: 13.7″ High x 10.15″ Wide x 17.9″ Long.

It’s portable but a little weighty. And no doubt before long you’ll be looking at a cart to help you wheel the Lincoln HD 140 to where you want to use it.

Who Designs And Manufactures The Lincoln Electric Weld Pak 140 HD?

Lincoln Electric is a US company that has been in business since 1895. You’ll find their offices in Cleveland Ohio. They design their MIG welders in the US and manufacture overseas.

There is no doubt that Lincoln Electric has been in business a long time. And has built up a great reputation for their MIG welders.

140 HD MIG Welder Warranty

You’ll get 3 years warranty on the welder itself.

You’ve 1 year’s warranty on the gas regulator.

And 90 days warranty on the welding gun.

You’ve the option to extend your warranty by two years. You can decide to buy this at the time you get your welder.

Last Words On The Lincoln 140 MIG Pak

Did you like this article “Lincoln Weld Pak 140 HD, Should You Get One?”.

I hope you got the answers you wanted to your questions about this legend of a MIG welder.

Ready to discover more?

You can feel free to take a look the other related articles on the site.

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