Perhaps the bottom of your gate has just fallen on the floor, rusted through, and yes maybe you could just go buy a new one, but wait; you like the old one and on top of that the opening it fits is a funny size – if only you could repair it yourself.

Maybe you like tinkering;

  • With old cars, your boat, train.
  • Doing property maintenance.
  • Adhoc repairs and you can’t find someone reliable to do it for you or you simply enjoy having the pleasure of a good job well done.

There maybe a stream of small jobs you want to do and need a welding set to do them.

Perhaps you are an artist doing your own metal sculptures, reusing and repurposing found metal objects for your art to sell on or for your own enjoyment and want to get into welding.

Let’s face it our hobbies come in all shapes and sizes

And then you worry.

What if I damage the materials I am trying to weld together? Well if you understand the properties of the materials you’re welding you can get yourself a nice secure weld.

Who wants to find out that the join you made has failed or fallen apart and you are back to square one?

Whatever you are up to this site is for you. was created out of the love of the hobbyist, the do it yourselfer – the welditmyselfer.

Whether the job is small or large you would really only consider purchasing your own welding set if you are dedicated to taking the time to get a handle on it yourself.

Every hour you spend assessing is an hour you are not with your family or getting done what you need to get done and you need some help.

That is the help offered here.

This site is for those people

This site is for you.

Who We Are was created out of an interest in all things welding and the people who weld, whether beginner or more experienced.

The contributors to the site have learnt sheet metal work, milling, turning and blacksmithing, welding and about the properties of different metal types. They have learnt first of all in college and then later in industry.

Some in running their own companies.

Making parts to tight tolerances, to specifications on fabrication drawings, knowing that if the part didn’t meet the specifications then the part would need to be done again until it was right.

They have on the job experience, with over 43 years of welding experience. They have supervised and checked the work of other welders and the apprentices in their employment. Ensured the welding sets were calibrated and fit for use.


Our aim is for our posts to be interesting, accurate and if we can make them entertaining.

To provide the best product reviews we can, keep track of what is happening in the industry and tell you what we think of the new and interesting products out there.

During our product assessments we search for the key facts.

What is good about the design and how easy is it to use; for a beginner, for someone moving on from the beginner stage, to somebody wanting a set that is more high end.

We want to keep the language on the site light, fun and clear. We promise to be rigorous and fair.

We aim to only review the kit we think is of interest to the community and that we think are worth looking at. If we find something that we don’t like then we will clearly say so, that way you will know that we operate with integrity.

We are not sponsored by or paid by any of the manufacturers or paid by any brand to review their products. We love our independence and we review to help you save time.


Prices change without notice so we are unable to show prices directly on our site.

Hovering over links or clicking on links will allow you to see the latest prices offered. We give indications as to whether the product is generally aimed towards the higher end of the market, a mid range product or budget, to give you a rough indication.


Your privacy is of great value to us and we do not use any unusual means to track you as an individual or your visit to our site. You can see our Privacy Policy here.

Affiliate Links

There are affiliate links on this site and these are clearly marked.

Should you choose to purchase any of the products we have reviewed, you can by clicking on the seller links and if you make any purchase the retailer will contribute to this site.

And it won’t cost you anything extra.

Thanks, Ben Norton