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​WeldItMyself was created for the hobbyist, who wants to do it themselves - weld it their self.

​What Will You Find On Our Site?

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​The Best Advice

​Whether you plan to fix up your fences and gates, need a quick repair done on your car or trailer. Produce ​pieces of art out of discarded metal.

There are many aspects to successful welding outside of choosing the right welder that you will need to know. ​

​Tools That Help

​Our Reviews help you to find the right welder to start with.  A welder to fit your skill and the budget you have available.  

And when your needs change over time, as you gain experience and skill, you can come back here to look for your next step up in your welding journey.

​Ben Norton and Bill Byers

​ We aim to give you the best advice and product recommendations we can. 

Using our experience of welding and sheet metal work, ​amongst our other expertise,

​we want to help you  understand what you are going to need. 

With a little fun on the side.  

After all we want to keep things interesting for you. ​

​The Best Welder Reviews

​We plan to give your our take on what is the best out there for you when you are starting out.

​The Best Welder for you may be different to the best welder for someone else.

After all it depends on your skill. What you plan to do, what kind of metals you want to weld and where you're going to be doing your welding.  A purpose built shop you have built for yourself or home garage or do you need to take a welding set out to where your farm equipment has broken down.

This all dictates what you are going to need.

And of course there is how much you have to spend.

We aim to talk you though the best points and the not so good points so that you can decide which welding set fits your particular situation.  ​And indeed your situation may change over time as your skill and experience grows.