Best MIG Welder For Beginners [2020] 6 MIGs to Excite Your Budget

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​Are you;

  • Itching to learn how to MIG weld a repair? Cause you'd like to do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it.
  • On a budget with limited funds?
  • Looking for a MIG welder that is easy to use? One that'll get you started the right way? One you're not battling with. Or struggling to know how the dang thing works?

Then you're gonna want to buy the best MIG welder for beginners.

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Here you'll find the best 6 MIG Welders for a Beginner

1. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 - Overall Winner.

2. Lotos 140 - the Beginner MIG Welder with Lots of Features.

3. Forney 309 140 - the Straight Forward to use MIG Welder.

4. Everlast MIG 140 - has Plenty of Features for Your Money.

5. Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 MIG Welder - Your Practical Workhorse

6. Lincoln Handy MIG  - Your More Basic MIG Welder

​After several weeks of research and working through the MIG welder contenders. The Hobart Handler 140 came out the clear winner.

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​​Top Pick for BEST MIG Welder for a Beginner

Hobart 140 What's in the box

Hobart Handler 140

Pros - Good duty cycle at 20% at 90 Amp.

Easy to use. The Hobart Handler 140 is your fantastic MIG welder when you're a beginner.  or the more skilled welder alike. 

And even when you've some solid welding skills

Cons - It's towards the top end of your $500 budget. No spool gun for MIG welding Aluminum. 

You'll find here only true MIG welders ... After all this is a MIG welder list.

And so you'll find that all the welders here will weld with solid MIG wire and use shielding gas.

6 ​Best MIG Welders For Beginners 2020

And when you've read the reviews and you're still thinking your choice through.

Book mark this page to come back later.

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Hobart Handler 140

​Price Estimate: $$$

Rating: 4.8/5​​​

Lotos 140

​Price Estimate: $$

Rating: 4.6/5​​​

​Forney 309 140

​Price Estimate: $$$

Rating: 4.6/5​​​

​Everlast iMIG 140e

​Price Estimate: $$

Rating: 4.5/5​​​

​​Campbell Hausfeld Pro MIG 140

​Price Estimate: $

Rating: 4.5/5​​​

​​​Lincoln Electric Handy MIG

​Price Estimate: $

Rating: 4.5/5​​​

Want to Know the Reasons Why These Welders Made the Best MIG Welder For Beginners List?

1. All these MIG welders run on power up to 120 volts.

When you're a home, small workshop or hobby user. You'll want your MIG welder to run on the power available in your home or home garage. And use your normal 3 pin plug socket you have in your home workshop or your home garage.

Because otherwise you'll have to pay money to put 230 volt power in your home workshop.

2. The MIG welders had to be easy to set up and use.

Nothing complicated. After all you'll want to get up and welding as quickly as possible.

3. All these MIG welders have proven themselves in the market.

And have high user recommendations.

As a home based beginner and hobby user you'll look for reliability.

4. You'll find the best MIG welder brands.

Why waste your money on the here today and gone tomorrow makes?

And find out later you can't find any spares for your welder.

5. You'll only find true MIGs.

Only MIG Welders - machines where you can use solid MIG welding wire. MIG welders with a gas solenoid. So you can use a compressed tank of shielding gas to weld.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding uses the GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) process. And using shielding gas is part of the deal.

Not sure what MIG welding is? Find out here.

You'll find that all theses welders can also weld Flux Core. And use flux core welding wire. Want to learn more about that method of welding?

You'll find more about that in this article here.

6. You'll discover that all the MIG welders on the list are around  $500 and under.

As that's the typical budget a MIG beginner wants to spend.

You're trying your hand at some MIG welding and you'll want to grow your skills.

​Till you're ready to spend some bigger bucks.


No 1. And the Outright Winner 

Quick Review of the Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

Hobart 140 What's in the box

Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

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Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Hobart Handler 140

  • ​​There some empowering YouTube videos to help you set the Hobart 140 up
  • ​​​A clear welding parameters chart inside the cabinet door. Helps you as a beginner to get your MIG weld settings right
  • ​​You'll find an awesomely clear manual. Plenty of information to help you use your Hobart 140
  • ​​Hobart's 5/3/1 Warranty. Five years on the transformer, three years on electronics, one year on the welding torch. This solid warranty means if you've issues your Hobart 140 the warranty is there to help get you sorted

Reasons to Pass the Hobart 140 By

  • ​You'll find the Hobart 140 is at the top end of your $500 budget. If you can stretch to treating yourself to a Hobart 140 you'll be getting yourself a quality MIG welder. And you'll be quickly producing some tasty welds
  • ​Your Hobart 140 claims to weld Aluminum. But there is no spool gun option available. So what? You'll find welding Aluminum as a beginner with no spool gun nearly impossible

YouTube Video Hobart Handler Demo

Video Credit: Hobart Welding Products

What are the Hobart Handler 140 Features?

You'll find the Hobart 140, like the other MIG welders at this end of the market. Are light to medium duty MIG welders.

What does that mean?

Duty gives you an idea of the amount of. And the kind of MIG welding your welder can do.

It's judged by the thickness of mild steel you can weld. And how long you can weld for before you need to rest your MIG welder.

A for instance on the Hobart 140. Is it's able to MIG weld quarter inch thick mild steel. Thicker than that if you've the skills weld to weld with many passes.

And you'll need to do your welding over 2 minutes at its 90 amp setting. And then no more than 2 minutes welding over 10 minutes. At that point you'll need to rest this MIG welder.

That is what is meant by light to medium duty MIG welding tasks.

Your Hobart Handler 140 does this in a 115 volt package using a standard 3 pin plug.

Inside its cabinet you'll find a helpful welding guide chart. You can read the chart to find out what you need to set your front dials at. For the gauge of metal you're going to MIG weld. And for the size of MIG wire you plan to weld with.

You'll find this chart really useful when you're starting welding.

Duty Cycle of the Hobart 140 Handler

You'll see that Hobart 140 has a decent duty cycle for a light to medium duty welder. It has a duty cycle at 20% at 90 Amp.

​But it's not the highest duty cycle of all the MIG welders on the list.

Best Beginner Welder Duty Cycles Compared

MIG Welder

​Duty Cycle

Hobart 140

20% at 90 Amp

Lotos MIG 140

20% at 90 Amp

Forney 309 140

20% at 115 Amp

Everlast 140e

20% at 140 Amp

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

20% at 90 Amp

Lincoln Handy MIG

20% at 70 Amp

The higher the duty cycle the longer you can weld. On this measurement you're looking for a high percentage and a high amp setting. 

​And on this point the Everlast 140e takes the crown. The Everlast 140e has the best duty cycle out of all the welders compared at 25% at 140 Amp.

Welding Output Range of the Hobart Handler 140

You control your welding output on the Hobart 140 with a 5 point stepped dial.

So what? Let me explain.

On the dial you've a welding output voltage range from 25 Amp at your lowest MIG welding setting. To 140 Amp at your highest.

You've 5 points on the stepped dial to set these settings.

Reasonably flexible for a starter MIG welder.

​You've infinite control on a dial controlling the wire feed speed.

Types Of Metals the Hobart 140 will Weld

​Your Hobart 140 will weld;

  • Mild steel, with both solid MIG wire. ​Or with flux core welding wire
  • Stainless Steel with solid MIG stainless steel wire
  • Galvanized steel using flux core wire
  • The manufacturers claim the ability to weld Aluminum. But there's no spool gun option for the Hobart 140

Attempting to weld Aluminum without a spool gun is difficult. And not something a beginner or even a skilled welder would ​dare.

Hobart Handler Size of Metal Gauges Welded

Your Hobart 140 will weld metal gauges from 24 gauge at its thinnest. Up to 1/4 inch.

​Though you'll need to learn the skill of welding multiple weld passes if you plan to weld quarter inch steel.

Wire Spool Sizes, and Wire Diameter Sizes Used on the Hobart 140

Showing its flexibility you can put inside your Hobart Handler 140 both 4 inch and 8 inch wire spools. That means 2 pounds or the larger 10 pound spools.

You've the choice of feeding in 0.023 inch or 0.030 inch or 0.035 inch diameter welding wire.

And that means if you wanted to do some auto repairs on thinner plate metal. Then you could use 0.023 inch solid welding wire with shielding gas.

The wire feed speed is between 40 to 700 inches per minute. On a dial that runs from 10 to 100.

The Size and Weight of the Hobart 140

Portable, the Hobart 140 MIG measures 19.5 by 11 by 12 inches and weighs in at 57 pounds.

You'll find it portable, yes. But you may want to think about having a cart for this baby sooner rather than later.

Round Up Of Other Notable Features of the Hobart 140

Aluminum Drive - You won't find the welding wire fed through some plastic drive system. No!

Inside the Hobart 140 you've a, quality Aluminum drive feeding your welding wire. The steady feed of your MIG welding wire helps you get decent welds.

Dual Gauge Gas Regulator - You've included in the Hobart 140 package a top class gas regulator. It's for your Argon/Carbon Dioxide compressed gas tank.  There's no need for you buy one.

When you're MIG welding with pure Carbon Dioxide you'll need to buy a different regulator. One designed for Carbon Dioxide.

Material Thickness Gauge - You'll find one supplied in the box. You'll use it lots as a beginner for when you're not quite sure of the thickness of the metal you are welding. You can quickly use this gauge to check.

How about the Bundle Options?

Instead of you buying the welder on its own. You can choose to buy your Handler 140 bundled with different accessories. Such as;

A tub of MIG nozzle gel. This helps stop your MIG weld splatter from sticking to your welding nozzle. You'll want to get a tub anyway when you set up your welding shop.

Not interested in that?

How about a bundle that includes Hobart's quality multi-function pliers?

You're going to need a set if you've not bought a pair already.


Then the best bundle I think is purchasing the Hobart Handler 140 with a Hobart cart. That way you can easily move around your 140 MIG welder along with its cylinder of gas.

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​Overall Winner of the Best MIG Welder for Beginners

The Hobart Handler 140

No. 2 Your Beginner MIG Welder with Lots of Features. 

Quick Review of the Lotos MIG 140

Lotos MIG 140

Lotos MIG 140 MIG Welder

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Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Lotos MIG 140

  • You've a 'Starter 'Kit' inside. That starter kit has 2lb of 0.030 solid MIG welding wire. Two spare contact tips. A hand held face shield and a combined chipping hammer and brush. All to get you producing your first weld fast
  • ​​The quick set up of the Lotos 140 means you're up and running in 10-15 minutes. Brilliant when you're new to MIG welding
  • ​​You've LED display showing both your welding output settings. And your wire feed speed. One glance up and you know what your MIG settings are
  • ​​A 2T/4T switch on the welder. Means less strain on your torch trigger finger for easy longer welding
  • ​​​​​​You've the option of buying a spool gun for the Lotos 140.  And that means you can get started MIG welding Aluminum

Reasons to Pass the Lotos 140 By

  • No welding guide chart in the manual. Means you'll have to get out your Lotos 140 if you want to check your MIG welding settings before you start welding
  • There are really few reasons to pass the Lotos 140 by

Summary of the Lotos 140 when You're New to Welding

You find your Lotos 140 is a mid range priced MIG welder. One that's got loads of features for when you're new to MIG welding.

The optional extra of a spool gun gives you the exciting option of welding Aluminum. Ideal for when you're ready to start trying your hand at MIG welding some Aluminum projects.

YouTube Video Lotos MIG140 140 Amp MIG Welder

Installation Guide and Demonstration

Video Credit: Lotos Technology

What are the Lotos 140 Features?

When you buy the Lotos 140 you'll find you've a light to medium duty MIG welder.

A MIG welder that runs on normal household power. You'll need input voltages of 110 volts to 115 volts on a circuit fused to 20 Amp. That is if you don't want to be blowing your fuse.

You'd best have a 30 Amp fused circuit to get the maximum MIG welding output from this welder.

And you'll definitely need a 30 Amp fuse on the circuit when you experiment with welding Aluminum.

As MIG welding Aluminum draws power from a MIG welder. And you'll want all the welding power your Lotos 140 can produce.

Duty Cycle of the Lotos 140

The Lotos MIG 140 has a rock-solid duty cycle rated at 20% at 90 Amp.

You'll note though that this welding duty cycle isn't set at the 140 Amp output of this MIG welder.

And that means that you'll have less than the 2 minute welding time the duty cycle says. When you're MIG welding at the top output setting of your Lotos 140 MIG welder.

Welding Output Range for the Lotos 140

You'll have an output range of 25 Amp to 140 Amp. On this you'll see the Lotos 140 matches the Hobart 140 and the Everlast 140e.

You select your output voltage on a dial that runs from 1 to 10.

The voltage you choose is also shown on the LED display. A delight for a beginner. As that makes it is so easy to see your setting.

This makes this welder unique on the list of MIG welders. Because you can vary your welding amp output. There's no stepped dial restrict your weld amp output to certain settings.

You control your wire feed speed using a dial that goes from 10 to 100. Your wire feed speed is also shown on an LED display.

Type of Metals the Lotos 140 will Weld

  • Mild steel and low alloy steel
  • Galvanized steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum - using its optional compatible spool gun

Best Beginner MIG Welder Metals Welded Compared

MIG Welder

​Metals Welded

Hobart 140

​​Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel

Lotos MIG 140

Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Forney 309 140

Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel

Everlast 140e

Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel

Lincoln Handy MIG

Mild Steel, Low Alloy Steel, Galvanized Steel

You'll find the Lotos 140 MIG weld along with the Everlast 140e. Are the only two welders than can use spool guns to weld Aluminum.

Lotos 140 Size of Metal Gauges Welded

You can weld mild steel, low alloy steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel. From metal gauges of 24 gauge at the thinnest. Up to 3/16th of an inch at the thickest.

You can weld 1/8 inch Aluminum when you use the Lotos spool gun.

You can use 2lb or 10lb spools of welding wire in your Lotos 140. (4 inch and 8 inch welding wire spools.)

The sizes of welding wire you can use in your​ Lotos 140 is;

  • ​0.025" or 0.030" diameter solid MIG wire 
  • ​And 0.030 or 0.035" diameter flux core wire.

The Size and Weight of the Lotos 140

Your Lotos MIG 140 measures 14.5" in height x 16" long x 9.5" wide.

​You'll find it's a small portable MIG welder. ​

In fact the smallest MIG when you look at its size of all the six welders listed.

But not the lightest - it weighs in at 54 lbs.

Round up of the Other Features Of the Lotos 140

You've a robust Aluminum drive to feed your welding wire.

Gas Regulator -  you've a dual gauge gas regulator supplied with your Lotos 140 MIG welder. And a hose for your MIG welding gas.

A couple less things for you to think of buying when you're setting you up for your first MIG weld.  Both your regulator and hose you use with an Argon or Argon/Carbon Dioxide mix of gas. 

When you're ready to try welding with Carbon Dioxide gas. Then you'll need to buy yourself a Carbon Dioxide regulator.

2T/4T switch on the welder - means you can use this switch to power your MIG welding gun. It gives you another option other than pressing the trigger on your MIG gun. Useful when you're doing a lot of welding.

You'll have less strain on your trigger finger. Because you don't have to keep your MIG gun trigger depressed while you're welding.

You can simply change your welding polarity from MIG welding to flux core welding. Just by where you plug your welding torch in. Super easy when you're new to MIG welding

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A Beginner MIG Welder with Lots of Features

​Lotos 140 MIG Welder

No. 3 ​Straight Forward to Use. 

Quick Review of the Forney 309 140 Amp MIG Welder

Forney MIG 140 Side View

Forney 309 140 Amp MIG Welder

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Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Forney 309 140

  • ​​You'll find one of the highest duty cycles of the MIG welders on this list at 20% at its 115 amp setting. Instead of the more usual 20% at a 90 amp setting. You can weld at a high amp setting for longer
  • ​​A Euro style quick connector. This means that if you want to replace the cord to the MIG gun or the MIG gun itself, it's easy to do
  • ​​With its 15 foot power cord and 10 foot cord to the MIG gun. You'll have with the Forney 140 the widest working area from your power outlet of all the MIG welders on the list
  • You've a clear and helpful manual. Great for a beginner

Reasons to Pass the Forney 140 By​

  • When you check its price you'll find its at the top end of your $500 budget. You've no spool gun for MIG welding Aluminum
  • ​You've no spool gun for MIG welding Aluminum
  • You'll have to order a spool of MIG welding wire when you order this welder. You'll find no sample starter spool of MIG wire in the box

Summary  of the Forney 309 140 When You're Starting Welding

You'll find the Forney 309 140 MIG welder a proven welder. And one that's from a solid MIG welder brand name.

With one of the higher duty cycles (20% @ 115 Amp). You'll have in this Forney 309 140 MIG a welder that can weld thicker gauges of metal and for longer.

​It could be the MIG welder for you if you've got a full 500 dollar budget to spend.

YouTube Forney 140 MIG Feature Video

Video Credit: Forney Industries

What are the Forney 309 140 Features?

You'll find nice little touches. Like integrated feet to keep your welder up off a dirty workshop floor.

​'Ears' to wrap your cables around. Makes it easier for you to carry around your Forney 309 MIG welder with its cables. And to store your Forney 309 MIG welder with its cables all neat and tidy.

Duty Cycle  of the Forney 309 140

The Forney 309 140 MIG welder has a duty cycle of 20% at 115 Amp using a normal 120 volt wall outlet.

Means you'll have 2 minutes continuous welding time at its 115 amp setting.

​The second highest duty cycle of the MIG welders featured. It's great but like most of the welders its duty cycle isn't still at this MIG welder's all-out 140 amp output. Unlike the Everlast 140e MIG welder

Welding Output Range  of the Forney 309 140 MIG Welder

You've on the Forney 140 a welding output range of 30 Amp to 140 Amp. You set your welding output using a 4 stepped dial.

A dial that runs from 1 to 4. So what?

This means you've 4 output settings. The Hobart 140 for example gives you 5 output settings, and on the Lotos 140 it's variable.

The wire feed speed dial runs from 0 through to 10.

And on position 0 the wire feed speed is 80 IPM (inches per minute). 

The total wire feed speed is 700 inches per minute.

Types of Metal  the Forney 309 140 will Weld

You'll can MIG weld mild steel and low alloy steel with your solid MIG wire.

Stainless steel you MIG weld with solid stainless steel MIG wire.

Forney claims this welder can MIG weld Aluminum. But you've no spool gun option.

You trying to feed soft, wriggly, Aluminum MIG wire up a 10 foot cord. To your MIG gun isn't for the faint hearted. Or for someone new to MIG welding.

​If you plan to MIG weld Aluminum then save your frustrations and buy a Beginner MIG welder with a spool gun option. Like the Lotos 140 or the Everlast 140e.

Forney 309 140 Metal Gauges Welded

You'll find your Forney 309 140 is like the Hobart 140, and the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140. You can MIG weld from 24 gauge to 1/4 inch with both solid wire and flux core welding wire.

​For 1/4 inch mild steel you'll need to build the skills to do many pass welding.

Beginner MIG Welder Metal Gauges Compared

MIG Welder

​Gauges Welded

Hobart 140

​​​24 Gauge to 1/4 Inch

Lotos MIG 140

24 Gauge to 3/16th of an Inch

Forney 309 140

24 Gauge to 1/4 Inch

Everlast 140e

24 Gauge to 3/8th of an Inch

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

24 Gauge to 1/4 Inch

Lincoln Handy MIG

24 Gauge to 1/8th of an Inch

Wire Spool Sizes and Wire Diameter Sizes Used on the Forney 309 140

Like all the MIG welders on this list except for the Handy MIG. Your Forney 309 140  can hold 4 inch or 8 inch welding wire spools, (2 lb. or 10 lb. spools).

​You can MIG weld with 0.023" diameter welding wire. Or 0.030" or 0.035" diameter wire.

Size and Weight of the Forney 309 140

Your Forney 309 140 dimensions are 19" x 9.5" x 16.5". And your Forney 309 weighs in at 57 pounds.

​It's one of the heavier MIG welders on this list.

Round Up of Other Notable Features of the Forney 309 140

You've a HD cast Aluminum drive feed system for your welding wire.

You have in the box a Dual Gauge Gas regulator. And a gas hose for your compressed gas. All made for an Argon and Carbon Dioxide gas mix. Or 100% Argon.

5/3/1 Warranty - A good solid warranty like the Hobart 140. 5 years on the transformer. 3 years on the drive systems, pc boards, motors and switches. 1 year on the MIG gun.

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A Straight Forward to Use MIG Welder

Forney 309 140 Amp MIG Welder

No. 4 Plenty of Features for the Money. 

Quick Review of the Everlast 140e​

Everlast 140 And Accessories

Everlast i-MIG 140e MIG welder

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Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Everlast i-MIG 140e

  • ​​You'll find the Everlast 140e's duty cycle excellent at 25% at 140 Amp. The best of all the MIG welders reviewed. This means that when you use this MIG welder ,you can weld for longer at a higher welding output Amp setting
  • ​​It's extremely versatile. Your Everlast 140e can deal with thicker metals (3/8ths) than the other beginner MIG welders on this list
  • ​​Your Everlast 140e is also very compact. And unbelievably light weight for its welding output. And this is because of its inverter design
  • You've a Euro style connector for the MIG gun. So if you ever want to change your MIG gun for a different make then it's easy for you to do

Reasons to Pass the Everlast 140e By​

  • You've no weld settings guide chart. Either on the cabinet or in the manual.  When you're a rank beginner MIG welder you'll need more practice with the 140e to find your output settings
  • You'll find the Everlast 140e's ground clamp poor. Think about ordering a replacement one for MIG welding quality beginner beads

Summary of the Everlast 140e for a New MIG Welder

You'll have in the Everlast 140e a fantastic MIG and flux core capable welder. It's a MIG welder to use when you've 120 volts available. And you need to get a lot of MIG welding done.

​You'll find its efficiency, portability, and durability are simply terrific. Although you'll find that this Everlast 140e welder is not quite as newbie friendly as the Hobart 140.

YouTube Video Everlast MIG Welder Power I-MIG 140e

Credit: Everlast Power Equipment Inc.

What are the Everlast 140e Features?

Unlike the other MIG welders on this list which are transformer-based. You'll find the Everlast Generator's 140e uses an IGBT inverter. What does that mean?

An IGBT inverter gives you better duty cycles. And reduces dramatically the weight of the MIG welder. Because the alternative (transformers) are heavier.

You'll find your Everlast 140e comes with the key things you need to weld MIG.

​You can of course weld flux core. But to use flux core you'll need to buy the optional flux core drive roll to feed flux core welding wire.

Duty Cycle  of the Everlast 140e

You'll see it's really special.

Because the Everlast 140e has a duty cycle of 25% @ 140 Amp.

I'll leave you take a moment thinking about that.

It's way out in front of the competitive MIG Welders.

A 25% duty cycle means 2 and a half minutes straight welding!

You'll see all its direct competition has the usual 20% duty cycle.

And on top of that you'll see that the duty cycle is at the welding output of 140 Amp. The Everlast 140e's total output.

When most of its competitor's duty cycles are set at an amp output below the MIG welder's total output.  

From a duty cycle point of view the Everlast Power iMIG 140e is the best in its class.

As a beginner you can get more MIG welding done and at a high amp setting if you need to.

Welding Output Range of the Everlast 140e

You'll find a MIG welding output range of 25 Amp to 140 Amp.

And you've a variable dial. Most of the Everlast 140e's competitors use stepped dials or switches. All except the Lotos 140.

As a newbies you can set your Everlast 140e to the output amp setting you want.

Types of Metals The Everlast 140e MIG Welder will Weld

Your Everlast Power iMIG will MIG mild steel and stainless steel.

You can MIG weld Aluminum too. Though you'll need to buy the optional spool gun to do that.

And unusual compared to its peers your Everlast MIG 140 will weld Chom-moly. You can weld galvanized steel Flux Core.

Everlast 140e Metal Gauges Welded

Your Everlast 140e MIG welder can handle 24 gauge metal. And has the power to weld up to 3/16 inch thick mild and stainless steel.

Thicker gauges than its competition. And can weld mild or stainless steel in a single weld pass.

​And even better your Everlast 140e can weld up to 3/8th of an inch thick with multiple passes. Which is impressive.

Wire Spool Sizes, and Wire Diameter Sizes Used on the Everlast 140e

You'll find the Everlast 140e can use both 4 in. and 8 in. wire spools. The equal pound weight is 2lb and10lb.

Not only that. You can put in 12lb spools of welding wire.

And get the price benefit of using even larger spools of wire.

And you can feed 0.023" or 0.030" or 0.035" welding wire diameters sizes.

​The Everlast 140e's wire feed speed 0 to 360 inches per minute.

Size and Weight of the Everlast 140e

The welder measures 17 by 14 by 8 inches.

And weighs just 25 pounds. Way lighter than its competition. This is thanks to using an Inverter inside instead of a transformer.

​Lifting this welder shouldn't send you to your physical therapist for treatment.

MIG Welder For Beginners Size and Weight Compared

MIG Welder

​Size and Weight

Hobart 140

​19.5" x 11" x 12" and 57 lbs.

Lotos MIG 140

14.5" x 16" x 9.5" and 54 lbs.

Forney 309 140

19" x 9.5" x 16.5" and 57 lbs.

Everlast 140e

17" x 14" x 8" and 25 lbs.

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

20" x 12" x 15.5" and 75 lbs.

Lincoln Handy MIG

12.8" x 8.8" x 18" and 46 lbs.

Round Up Of Other Notable Features of the Everlast 140e

You have inside a cast Aluminum, quality, wire feed drive system. So you can get a steady feed of your welding wire.

You'll find a couple of MIG friendly freebies in the box when delivered.

Single Dial Gas Regulator -  You'll find a gas hose for your high pressure gas in the box. You'll see the regulator design is dial and floating ball. And it's for you to use with a pure Argon or an Argon and Carbon Dioxide gas cylinder.

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A MIG Welder with Lots of Features for Your Money

​Everlast 140e

No. 5 Your Practical Workhorse. 

Quick Review of the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 MIG Welder​

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 MIG Welder

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Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Campbell Hausfeld 140

  • ​​You'll find your Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 is a capable MIG welder for a beginner.
  • ​​It's solidly built for an entry-level MIG welder
  • ​​It'll please you to find out it's reasonably budget friendly at circa $300

Reasons to Pass the Pro 140 by

  • You'll notice that the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 is the heaviest of all the MIG welders on the list at 75 lbs. If you're not happy lifting this kind of weight then you'll need to think about get yourself a welding cart.
    Or risk back strain when lifting this MIG baby
  • Campbell Hausfeld claims their Pro 140 can weld Aluminum. But you'll find there is no spool gun option. Welding Aluminum without a spool gun is not a fun beginners MIG welding game.

Summary of the Pro 140 for a Beginner MIG Welder

You'll find your Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 is a practical entry level MIG welder.

When you come to buy your MIG welder. And if you find the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 on special offer then it's worth a close look.

​Use for your mild steel and low carbon steel repairs around your home or ranch. It'll be your practical MIG welding workhorse for your workshop garage.

What are the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 Features?

You'll find your Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 is a light to medium duty MIG welder. You've a 115 volt MIG welder that run off a normal household supply of 120 volts.

Duty Cycle of the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

You'll find your Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 has a reasonable duty cycle of 20% at 90 Amp.

Welding Output Range of the Pro 140

You've a welding output range of 25 Amp through to 140 Amp.

You control your MIG welding output voltage using a stepped dial. Your dial steps from 1 through to 5.  The Pro 140 gives you 5 MIG output settings just like the Hobart 140. 

When you're on a 15 Amp fused circuit then you can MIG weld using output positions 1 to 3. 

You'll need a 20 Amp fused circuit to weld at position 4 or 5. And drive this welder at its top MIG output settings.

Best Beginner MIG Welders Output Range Compared

MIG Welder

​Output Amp

Hobart 140

​25 Amp to 140 Amp

Lotos MIG 140

25 Amp to 140 Amp

Forney 309 140

30 Amp to 140 Amp

Everlast 140e

25 Amp to 140 Amp

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

25 Amp to 140 Amp

Lincoln Handy MIG

35 Amp to 88 Amp

Types of Metals the Pro 140 will Weld

You can MIG weld mild steel and low alloy steel.

You'll be welding galvanized steel with flux core welding wire.

Campbell Hausfeld says this MIG welder can weld Aluminum. But with no spool gun option you'll be a brave man to try. Feeding soft, wriggly Aluminum wire up 10 foot of hose to a MIG gun! Even after fitting a Teflon liner.

Ok, so maybe you'll think I am exaggerating saying you'll have to be brave.

Well if not brave then you'd better be experienced and patient.

 As Aluminum MIG welding wire is notoriously difficult to feed.

Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 Metal Gauges Welded

You can weld from 24 gauge metal right up to 1/4 inch thick.

You'll see that is very reasonable for an entry level MIG welder. And for this best MIG welder for beginners list.

Wire Spool Sizes, And Wire Diameter Sizes used on the Pro 140

You'll find that there are two grooves on the welding wire roller.

One you use for feeding 0.024" diameter solid MIG welding wire.

The larger groove you use to feed 0.030 and 0.035 diameter wire.

​Your Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140 will take 2 lb. or 10 lb. spools of solid MIG wire. Or flux core welding wire.

Size and Weight of the Campbell Hausfeld Pro 140

You'll see its over all size is 20 x 12 x 15.5 inches.

And with a weight of 75 lbs. You'll be lifting the heaviest MIG welder of this round up of beginner welders.

Round Up of Other Notable Features of the Pro 140

Dual Gauge Gas regulator - and you'll find a compressed gas hose in the box. The regulator is designed for Argon or Argon Carbon Dioxide gas mixes.

You'll also have delivered in the box two spare contact tips. And a starter spool of 0.030" flux core wire.

The freebie accessories get you started. At least with your first few MIG welds on this budget friendly MIG welder.

You'll need to buy yourself some MIG welding wire at the same time as your Pro 140 welder. So you can start welding straight away.

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​Your ​Practical Workhorse

​​Campbel Hausfeld Pro 140 MIG Welder

No. 6 ​Your More Basic Starter MIG Welder. 

Quick Review of the Lincoln Handy MIG

Lincoln Handy MIG

Lincoln Electric Handy MIG K2185-1

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Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG

  • ​​You'll find your Handy MIG to be the best starter MIG welder Because it's easy to use and set up.
  • ​​When you lift the Handy MIG you'll find its lighter than the Hobart 140. It weighs in at 46 lbs
  • You get a bunch of beginner MIG welder extras in the box. A spool of solid welding wire for mild steel. And a spool of flux core welding wire for mild steel. You get a hand held face shield and an integrated chipping hammer and brush. Quite the 'welding kit'. All to get you started with your first MIG welding repairs
  • Your Lincoln Electric Handy MIG welder has proved itself in the marketplace. You'll get a hard working and reliable MIG welder

Reasons to Pass the Lincoln Handy MIG By

  • The Handy MIG has the shortest welding output range of all the MIG welders here. It's not for you if you want to MIG weld less than 24 gauge. Or thicker than 1/8th mild steel
  • You can only put inside 2 lb. spools of MIG welding wire. Only holding smaller spools. Positions this MIG welder toward the beginner MIG welder. And someone with shorter, smaller repair jobs
  • It's a pity that the compressed gas regulator in the box with the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG has no gas gauge dial. So what? Well no dial makes it difficult for you to judge when your cylinder of gas is empty. Will you wonder. Are your poor welds because you need more practice? Or because you've simply run out gas

Summary of the Lincoln Handy MIG for a Beginner MIG welder

You'll find the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG is a capable welder for around the $300 ish mark.

Yes, you may not find it as flexible as some of the other MIG welders featured in the list.

But it's a solid MIG welder from a great brand name.

For you if your MIG welding is light home hobby use.

You'll be buying the best starter MIG welder and a reliable MIG welder from the trusted Lincoln brand.

YouTube Video Lincoln Electric Handy MIG

Video Credit: Northern Tool

What are the Lincoln Handy MIG Features?

Your Lincoln Electric Handy MIG is a light duty MIG welder. And like the Hobart 140 it uses uses a normal 3 pin plug on a 120 volt home circuit.

You'll find a welding settings chart on the inside of the cabinet door. Like the Hobart 140 your MIG weld settings are also in the Lincoln Electric Handy MIG's manual. Perfect if you want to do some research on your MIG weld settings ahead of pulling out your welder.

Duty Cycle of the Lincoln Handy MIG

You've a duty cycle of 20% at 70 Amp.

The duty cycle isn't at the top MIG welding output of the Lincoln Handy MIG.

What does this mean?

If you need to MIG weld thicker steels. You'll have less than two minutes continuous welding time at its top 88 Amp setting.

Welding Output Range of the Lincoln Handy MIG

You set your MIG welding output using two rocker switches.

One switch you set at low or high.

The other switch you set at 1 or 2.

Where you put the two switches gives you your four output settings.

You can set: Low and 1, Low and 2, High and 1, High and 2.

Types of Metals the Lincoln Handy will Weld

Lincoln Electric openly says the Handy MIG can only MIG weld mild steel. Or low alloy steel. You use solid MIG wire and compressed gas.

Or you Flux Core weld with flux core welding wire.

If you have galvanized steel of the right size gauge for this welder. You could also happily weld that using flux core wire.

Lincoln Electric makes no claim that the Handy MIG will weld stainless steel. And your Handy MIG doesn't produce enough welding output to MIG weld stainless steel.

If you want to move onto MIG welding Aluminum at some point. You should choose the Lotos 140 or the Everlast 140e as they both have a spool gun option.

There is no spool gun for the Handy MIG. And as a light duty MIG welder it isn't powerful enough to MIG weld Aluminum.

Lincoln Handy MIG Metal Gauges Welded

You can MIG weld 24 gauge up to 1/8th of an inch mild steel.

20 gauge mild steel is the thinnest size gauge for flux core welding wire.

Understandable as flux core welding is a 'hotter' welding process. And you would blow through thinner metal gauges with this MIG welder.

Wire Spool Sizes and Wire Diameter Sizes Used  on the Handy MIG

Your Handy MIG uses 2lb spools. Also known as 4 inch spools.

Unlike the other MIG welders on this list it can't hold the larger 10lb spools of welding wire.

You can weld with 0.025 inch or 0.030 or 0.035 inch diameter wire.

You can set your wire feed speed dial where you want. As the feed speed is infinitely variable. On a dial that runs from 1 to 10.

Wire feeds out at 0 to 300 inches per minute.

Size and Weight of the Lincoln Handy MIG

You'll find its over all size is 12.8 inches high x 8.8 inches wide x 18 inches long

Weight 46 lbs.

Round up of Other Notable Features of the Lincoln Handy MIG

You've a quality Aluminum drive system feeding the wire. Giving you reliable MIG wire feeding

You have a compressed gas regulator. You'll find it's a simple regulator with no dial. A gas hose is in the box with the Handy MIG.

The gas regulator is for Argon or Argon, Carbon Dioxide gas mixes.

You've a quality Lincoln Electric starter 'Kit'. The accessories in the box includes Lincoln Electric solid MIG wire for mild steel.

Flux core welding wire for mild steel. You've a hand held face mask and a combined chipping hammer and brush.

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​A Bit More Basic

Lincoln Handy MIG

Wow! So which Beginner MIG Welder should you get?

The most obvious answer is that you buy the MIG welder that best suits your beginner needs and budget.

But how do you decide which?

Even if you think you're only going to use the Hobart Handler 140 a few times a year. Because it's so smooth to use you may find yourself using the Hobart 140 far more that you thought.

But if you're confused about how to decide which MIG welder to choose. Then read on.

You'll find advice that should help you pick your best MIG welder for you as a beginner.

Picking the Best MIG Welder for A Beginner in Seven Steps

The best beginner MIG welder for you may well be different to a great MIG welder for someone else.

And that's ok. 

Don't be surprised if your MIG welding needs change over time.

As you move from a newbie MIG welder to more challenging projects and repairs you'll move up to a bigger MIG welder. Or get a second.

That's common. And you won't be alone.

Step 1 What do you want to MIG weld?

First things first.

Think about you. What are your skills? What kind of MIG welding will you do?

Fence repair? Vehicle repairs? Art projects.

As someone new to MIG welding you'll want a machine that easy for you to set up and use.

A MIG welder that helps you get the best welding done that you can.

One sympathetic to your beginner MIG welding beads.

​Step 2. Where will you MIG Weld?

f you're going to be welding in your home garage, shed or workshop what power do you have available?

If it’s a normal household electrical outlet. Then you'll want to look at the kind of MIG welders I have here in the best six list. As you'll find that they are all suitable for using at home.

And to use any of these MIG welders at their best. Unplug anything else from the electrical circuit you've plugged your MIG welder into.  Your MIG welder needs all the power on that circuit for you to strike the best arc.

Want to weld away from your home workshop? Then a MIG welder that you can carry is a must. Or get yourself a good cart.

MIG welding is an indoor process for good reason. Wind will blow your shielding gas away. For welding outside get yourself some effective wind shields.

Think about power when you're MIG welding away from home.

You'll need  a decent extension cable. Maybe one rated for outdoor use.  

Or you'll need a good generator for electrical power.

Step 3. What will you MIG weld?​

A MIG welder for the home running on 120 volt power will typically weld metals from 24 gauge up to 3/8th. 

With a MIG welder working on 120 volts you'll MIG weld mild steel. The commonest metal around.

You'll be toward the top end of what your 120 volt MIG welder can do MIG welding stainless steel or Aluminum.

Both those metals take power to weld well. And your home welder can only produce so much welding output.

You'll be welding thinner gauges of those metals with your 120 volt MIG welder.

You'll need a compressed gas cylinder. 

Where will you store your cylinder? How will you get it to your home?

How will you move it around? What size of cylinder will you need?

​You'll find articles here on the site that'll help you answer these questions. ​Go ahead and take a look.

Step 4. What about MIG Amp and Duty Cycle?​

The thicker the metal, the more amperage you'll need to MIG weld it.

Your MIG welder's duty cycle gives you and idea of the kind of welding your MIG welder is up to.

It tells you how long you can MIG weld for. Before you need to rest your MIG welder. Or it'll overheat. Duty cycle is measured over 10 minutes.

20% means over ten minutes you can MIG weld for two minutes.

The longer you MIG weld for the higher the duty cycle you'll need.

If all you're doing is light casual MIG welding, then you'll get away with a low duty cycle MIG welder.

Step 5. Why are you MIG welding?​

For fun, for artistic reasons, necessary repair jobs around the ranch or home farm?

If you're MIG welding for fun then why get the most expensive. Or strongest MIG welder.

When you're MIG welding thicker metals for necessary repair jobs. Then you'll need a MIG welder that can tackle the gauge of metal you are likely to weld.

Please. When you're starting out MIG welding. Avoid projects where someone's life or limb is dependent on the quality of your welding. 

​Get yourself some experience. Or get your welds inspected by someone you trust.  You'll be really upset if someone gets hurt because your newbie weld failed.

Step 6. What is your Budget for your Starter MIG Welder?

A great MIG welder for beginners range from around $300 to $500.

On top of that you'll also need budget for your own safety equipment.

You'll need a welding helmet, gloves and apron. A table to weld on.

​You'll need welding pliers. And consumables like contact tips, welding wire, tank of shielding gas, anti splatter gel etc.

Step 7. What Time do you have?

Give yourself MIG practice time and materials.

If you can spare the time you'll learn lots by enrolling in MIG welding classes at a local community college.

You can of course learn to MIG weld at home.

Think about joining an online forum. That way you can ask questions and get support for your beginner MIG welding beads.

How do you tie it all together And get the Best Beginner MIG welder for you?

Work your way through the seven steps above and give yourself a score.

Let's say out of five.

The closer to a score of thirty five you are. The more you expect out of your MIG welder. And so the more you should expect to spend. 

You can even give yourself a weighting factor for those must haves and nice to haves.

​Should you want a bit more help, you'll find an article on the subject of choosing a MIG welder. Feel free to take a look.

The MIG welder you start off with will be different to the one you buy yourself further down the line,.

So don't worry about that too much.

​Score each MIG welder against your own personal needs. And get yourself the best MIG welder for you.