Hobart 140 MIG Welder

The Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder is a great portable MIG and flux core welder.

Easy to use and durable.

It’s manufactured by a much respected manufacturer.

The Hobart 140 Handler will serve as a beginner’s hobby welder. And as a welder for someone more skilled and experienced.

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Hobart 140 MIG Welder

Hobart Handler 140

This 115V wire feed MIG welder is aimed at those wanting a welder to run on 120 volt household power.

​This welder is well up to the job of light to medium welding tasks around the yard, project workspace.

Or for those truck and motor repairs.

Pros Of The Hobart 140 MIG Welder

  • Easy to use, a beginner can easily start to earn there welding stripes with this welder. Simple to set up and work with
  • An instruction manual that is clear and easy to understand. Not to mention Hobart’s YouTube channel with videos to help you along
  • Five output weld settings. More than its usual competitor the Lincoln Electric 140
  • The ability to MIG weld and use shielding gas. Or the beginner can start off with the Hobart Handler 140 flux core. Making this welder very flexible for this end of the market
  • The Hobart 140 is supplied with a high quality regulator with gauges to show you where you are up to on your gas. A definite plus

Cons Of The Hobart 140 Welder

  • Should you ​plan on welding a lot of 1/4 inch and above metal gauges, then you should consider whether this welder is powerful enough for you
  • There is no Hobart 140 spool gun kit available for Aluminum welding
  • The five stepped output settings may annoy some more experienced welders who would prefer to fine tune their weld output
  • You get what you pay for in this Hobart 140 MIG welder. And you’ll need around $500 to buy one, which may well price it out of the range of some budgets

Verdict On The Hobart 140 MIG Welder

So should you go Hobart?  Yes …


You’ll get a really nice welder with a solid reputation from a well known brand. You have the convenience of using either flux core wire or solid wire and shielding gas should you want to MIG weld. 

Along with the Hobart 140 Handler plugs into a normal household 3 pin socket and work on 120 volt power. A boon for those that don’t want to get or can’t get a 220 volt circuit.

This wire feed welder lays down reliable beads so that even someone starting out welding will be able to get some good clean welds.

What Can You Do With The Hobart 140 Handler?

Your typical welding tasks such as:

  • Auto and truck repair,
  • Maintenance around the ranch and yard,
  • Light and medium farm repairs,
  • Hobby welding such as art and metal sculptures.

Rated at 25 to 140 Amp welding output means that you will be fine for welding mild steel from 24 gauge right the way to 1/4 inch.  

Some users have said that they have welded 5/16ths with the Hobart 140 Handler. Welding 5/16ths and 1/4 inch welds would take a few weld passes. Something someone with skill could accomplish easily.

​Not sure how to go about selecting the right MIG welder for you? I have a post to help you think about the most important points. Click here.

YouTube Video On The Hobart Handler 140

YouTube Video on the Hobart Handler 140

Hobart has a solid YouTube video channel and the video below describes the Hobart Handler 140 MIG wire welder. It is a short one minute 43 seconds. The video runs over the main points of this great welder. I thought you would enjoy watching it.

​Hobart Handler 140 Product Demonstration

Video Credit: Hobart Welding Products

Features Of The Hobart Handler 140 MIG Welder

Let us get started on this Hobart 140 welder review. Yes the Hobart 140 welder is a fairly basic MIG and flux core welder. There are no fancy bells and whistles that you’d find on some higher priced welders. But there is no doubt that what it does it does well.

Not sure of the difference between flux core welding and MIG welding. I tell you all about it in my article here.

The Hobart 140 wire welder was first released to the market in 2012 and has received a number of upgrades since then.

The front of the welder has a clean clear design. The power switch is right there on the front. As is the voltage control switch, with its 5 distinct settings.

Continuing down the front of the welder.

There is a variable wire speed dial control and an over temperature light that comes on should the duty cycle of the Hobart wire welder be exceeded.

Inside the cabinet is a Aluminum wire feeder drive system. It is sturdy and well made,

Unlike some of the wire feed systems of cheaper imported welders.

Internally, the Hobart 140 Handler is fan cooled.

On the inside of the welder’s cabinet door there is a welding parameters chart to guide you in your welding settings.

The Hobart 140 Duty Cycle

The Hobart 140 duty cycle is rated at 20% at 90 Amps. This duty cycle is quite decent for a MIG at this end of the market. Some of the more entry level welders have duty cycles of only 10%.

What Does The Hobart 140 Duty Cycle Mean?

In practice it means that you can weld on your project for up to 2 minutes continuously. Then you must rest the welder for 8 minutes. Otherwise you will overheat your Hobart 140.

Try not to forget yourself and trigger the thermal cut out switch.  

Because should you trip the thermal cut out by exceeding the duty cycle, you will need to wait fifteen minutes for the welder to cool or risk damage to your new Hobart.

Not convinced yet?

You might like to compare and check out where the Hobart 140 MIG welder appears on the top welder for beginners list.

Hobart Handler 140 Welding Output Settings

In its latest upgrade The Hobart 140 Handler has a knob with five positions for the output voltage.  ​On the old version it was four.

Hobart Handler 140 Front Controls
Hobart Handler 140 Front Controls

The dial is tapped. Meaning that the dial steps from 1 though to 5.

There is no three and a half for example.

Some experienced welders may find this a nuisance, as they may want to tune the output setting more finely. Beginners will find this makes the welder easier to use.

The wire feed dial is infinitely variable and so you have some flexibility there  in fine tuning your welding settings.

Hobart Handler 140 Settings Chart

There is a welding chart on the inside of the door of the cabinet.

Hobart Cabinet Welding Guide Chart
Hobart Cabinet Welding Guide Chart

The Hobart Handler 140 welding chart has the recommendations on the metals and gauges the Hobart can weld. The chart details:

  • The Hobart Handler 140 flux core weld settings,
  • MIG welding settings for solid wire and the gas recommended
  • The gas settings and recommendations for MIG welding stainless steel
  • The polarity needed for the wire type used
  • And whether to use shielding gas or no shielding gas.

​The chart is also detailed in the manual that comes with the welder. (There is a pdf link to the manual later in this post)

Using The Hobart Handler 140 Settings Chart

  1. Read the Hobart Handler 140 welding chart for the gauge, type of metal and size of wire to use.
  2. Then dial up the setting on the output voltage dial.
  3. Then set the wire feed speed.

This makes it really super easy for beginners or even the skilled to know their starting weld settings.

Though I still think, in your own workshop setting you will want to some experimentation.

Several users have reported that they think this Hobart wire welder runs hot and have dialed down the settings for their particular circumstances.

Integral Thermostatic Protection On The Hobart 140

What does the Integral thermostatic protection mean?

It means that should you exceed the Hobart Handler 140 duty cycle, then this protection will trip and shut off the welder.

In addition there is a light on the front of the Hobart 140 welder that will come on should the thermostatic protection kick in.

When this happens keep your welder plugged in and on as the fan will need to run. The fan runs to cool the Hobart 140 welder to a temperature where you can start welding again.

The reset button is on the back of the unit.

Note – the thermostatic protection may reset and you think you are ready to start welding again. But Hobart states that at least 15 minutes must pass before you should weld again or risk terminal damage to your welder.

Is The Hobart 140 A 115 Volt MIG Welder?


The Hobart is convenient to use in that it will weld using 115 volt input voltage. on a normal 120 volt household power socket.

You will need a circuit fused to 20 Amps with a good earth. And it is best that the Hobart 140 is the only thing you use on the circuit

Other items plugged in on the same circuit, particularly if they draw any significant electricity will reduce the welding output available for your welds.

Resulting in poor welds and you wondering why.

Hobart Handler 140 Wire Size

Flexible, this Hobart wire welder is designed to use welding wire sizes of;

When you are ready to look for the best welding wires to weld mild steel. I have a document about it here.

Deciding to weld stainless steel? I have an article about the MIG wires to use here.

​Want to start off flux core welding. I have hints and tips on the best wires over here.​

To use 0.035 inch flux core wire you will need to get 0.035 contact tips as these are not supplied in the box.

Spool Sizes Used By The Hobart 140 MIG Welder

The Hobart 140 MIG welder can take either 2 lb. spools or 10 lb. spools (4 inch or 8 inch spools).  

It comes supplied with an 8 inch spool adaptor.

Being able to use 8 inch spools means you have the cheaper cost per pound on buying those spools. Plus the convenience of using larger spools.

Just be sure that you position the size of wire into the right groove on the drive roll.

Wire Feed Speed

The wire speed is variable between 40 and 700 IPM (inches per minute) on a dial that goes from one to ten.

Can The Hobart 140 Weld Aluminum?

Some would say yes, using solid Aluminum wire and Argon shielding gas. You will also need to change the polarity to DCEP (the cable to the MIG gun connected to the positive terminal)

Changing polarity between flux core wire and gas welding is very easy on this model.

You would need to put in a Teflon liner and hold the hose as level as possible when feeding the Aluminum wire up to the torch head.

This will take skill to achieve, as Aluminum wire is soft and difficult to feed without a spool gun.

And you would need to use 100% Argon gas.

If you like to find out more about Argon tanks you can check out my article here on the site. ​

This option, should you manage to set it up, would be for the occasional Aluminum welding task.

Should you want to learn more about MIG welding Aluminum take a look at a document I have that is all about it.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of Aluminum welding, save yourself the frustration of trying to run Aluminum wire up a MIG gun hose. Get yourself a spool gun to feed the Aluminum welding wire from. Unfortunately there is no spool gun option on this welder.

You would be better off with one of the larger MIGs with a spool gun option from Hobart.

Gas Icon

Hobart 140 Shielding Gasses Used

In addition to welding with flux core welding wire, the Hobart Handler is able to weld with shielding gas making the welder a true MIG.

The Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder is able to use:

  • ​The normal 75% Argon / 25% Carbon Dioxide gas mix. 
  • It can use 100% Argon gas.
  • Along with 100% Carbon Dioxide for welding steel. (You will need a different gas regulator to the one supplied)

I have a document that covers the best types of shielding gasses to MIG weld mild steel for the curious.

​In addition the Hobart 140 welder can use Tri-Mix (90% Helium/7.5% Argon/ 2.5% Carbon Dioxide) for welding stainless steel.

Unsure of the gas type you need to use on the Hobart 140 MIG welder for the metal you want to weld? Consult the Welding Guide Chart on the inside of the welder cabinet door (there is a picture of the chart above).

Hobart Handler 140 Gas Setup

Installing the shielding gas is easy to do. (The Hobart Handler 140 gas setup details are also in the manual provided with the welder – a link to the manual is below)

Safety first and secure your chosen gas cylinder to the cart or other support so there is no danger of the cylinder accidentally falling.

You will need a wrench size 5/8 of an inch 1 – 1/8th of an inch to adjust the bolts on the Hobart.

1. Take off your cylinder’s safety cap and open the valve a tiny bit to blow any accumulated dirt out of the valve.  Close the valve.

2. Attach the Regulator/flow meter so that the face is upright and can be clearly seen.

3. Attach one end of the gas hose to the back of your Hobart 140 and connect the other end to the regulator.

4. To adjust the flow rate open the feed head pressure assembly.

Hobart 140 Feed head Pressure Assemply

This will stop the wire feeding. Press the trigger on the welding gun to start gas flow and adjust the gas flow accordingly.

Typically the flow rate to use is around 20-30 cubic feet per hour. But depending on the welding wire you are using, the manufacturer of that wire may have their own recommendations for gas flow rate.

5. Once the flow rate is correctly set, close the feed head pressure assembly and then the Hobart 140 gas setup is done and you are ready to weld.

Do check the Hobart 140 Owners Manual below for illustrations.

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What’s In The Box When I Buy The Hobart 140 MIG Welder?

Hobart 140 What's In The Box

You’ll find;

  • ​your Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder
  • 2 lb. sample spool of 0.030 inch flux core welding wire
  • Spool adaptor for 8 inch spools
  • 2 of 0.030 inch contact tips
  • 10 foot cord to the MIG Welding gun
  • A 10 foot ground clamp cord and a heavy duty ground clamp (rated to 200 Amp)
  • Dual gauge regulator (for Argon/Carbon Dioxide gas)
  • Gas hose for hooking up your gas cylinder
  • Material thickness gauge. A nice touch for when you are in doubt about the thickness of the metal you’re welding
  • Owners Manual and Set up Guide

You may be interested in ordering spare contact tips. You only get 2 x 0.030 sized tips and no 0.035 contact tips. The 0.035 size is typically used for flux core welding.

You can take a look at the Hobart Handler size 0.030 contact tips here on Amazon (*Paid Link)

YouTube Video On Setting Up The Hobart 140 Handler

Want a peek at how easy it is to set up your Hobart Handler 140 flux core? Have a look at this 4 minute 54 second YouTube video.

Setting Up Your Hobart Handler

Video Credit: Hobart Welding Products

The Hobart Handler 140 Manual

The Hobart 140 manual like the clean lines of the welder is straight forward to read and takes you through the different options and settings for this welder.

Here is a link to the Hobart 140 Manual to take a look at.

Hobart Handler 140 Owners Manual

PDF Credit: Hobart Welding Products

​What Do Users Of The Hobart 140 Handler Think?

The vast majority of users love this wire welder. I’ve provided a link so that you can see just what the users on Amazon think of the Hobart 140.

Scroll on down to the bottom. This is where you’ll find the user reviews.

Visit the Amazon  Hobart 140 MIG Welder​ Page Via This Link (*Paid Link)

Is The Hobart 140 MIG Welder Portable?

Measuring 19.5 L by 11 W by 12 H inches the Hobart Handler 140 is reasonably small.

​At 57 pounds this Hobart wire welder shows its sturdy construction.

Yes small enough to be portable. But it will take some hauling around, particularly if you put in a larger 10 or 11lb spool of wire.

That will take the Hobart Handler 140 up to just under 60 lbs.

Plus you’ll need to think about your cylinder of gas if you are MIG welding.

You may want to consider the optional Hobart 140 cart below to go with your Hobart MIG welder.

View the Hobart 140 cart on Amazon ​(*Paid Links)

​Who Makes The Hobart 140 MIG Welder?

A true stars and stripes company Hobart Welding Products is based in the USA. They have designed and manufactured welding products and cutting tools since 1917.

The Hobart 140 welder is designed and manufactured at their location in Troy, Ohio.

Hobart Welding Products are now owned by ITW (Illinois Tool Works) who bought the company in 1996. ITW also owns Miller Electric Mfg Co, another great name in the US who are known for their great MIGs.

If you want a US designed and manufactured MIG welder then this is certainly one to choose.

There seems to be a lot of cross fertilization of components as this Hobart wire welder sports many Miller parts, which is a definite plus point as it makes the parts easier to source.


There is the Hobart 5/3/1 warranty. Five year warranty on the transformer. Three years on the electronics (the drive motors, rectifiers) and one year on the welding gun. The regulator is limited to 90 days warranty.

Options For The Hobart 140 Welder

Hobart Welding Products also produces welding helmets and tools for the welder. You can order the Hobart 140 welder as a welder on its own or with some of Hobart’s own brand options.

​When you buy your Hobart 140 you may want to get a pot of Hobart MIG Nozzle Gel from Amazon (*Paid Link). This gel stops weld splatter sticking to your MIG nozzle when used. Non toxic, odorless, non flammable, doesn’t cause porosity and is silicon free.  It is available in a 16oz Jar.


​Some Hobart Pliers from Amazon (*Paid Link). They are universal multi function welding pliers designed with a comfort grip and a spring loaded handle. A quality tool that you will need if you don’t already own a pair.

Of course if you are a beginner a good helmet, gloves and apron are also must haves.

Hobart 140 Compared To The Hobart 130

If you’re not quite sure that you have the budget or even that you need something as fully spec’d as the Hobart 140 I have done a comparison to its smaller brother the Hobart 130.

Particularly if you love the Hobart brand but want to mainly flux core weld, ​the Hobart Handler 130 is a flux core welder first of all yet MIG ready.

A little lower in terms of overall specification. Yet you can add a hose, a regulator and a cylinder and you are ready to MIG weld whenever you want.

Take a look at my 140 vs 130 comparison here.​

And the full review of the Hobart 130 here. ​

Last Words On The Hobart 140 MIG Welder

Beginner welders who can stretch their budget buy this Hobart Handler 140 MIG Wire Welder. Why?

​Because they know it will help them weld rather than hinder them while they are learning.

Skilled welders purchase the Hobart wire welder when they want a reliable portable welding set.

Should you go Hobart and get the Hobart 140 MIG welder? My answer is that if you have the budget you should.