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Reading Gas Cylinder Date Stamps and Markings

By Bill Byers / December 4, 2019

Knowing how to find the testing date on your compressed gas cylinder is key. And it doesn’t matter if you’re buying a used tank of compressed gas. Or you’re renting a tank of gas for your welding project. Because you’ll want to check your gas cylinder tank is within its testing dates. As you won’t […]


Christmas Gifts for a Welder 11 Gifts They Really Want

By Bill Byers / December 1, 2019

With Christmas only a short time away you’re wondering what to get your favorite welder. Want to find the right gift quickly? A gift they’ll love. Something they would really want. Whether you know a lot about welding or nothing at all it doesn’t matter. You’ll find in this article some great Christmas gifts for […]


Argon Tank Sizes for MIG Welding, the Best Tips and Tricks

By Bill Byers / October 14, 2019

You want to weld Aluminum and you know you’re going to need some Argon gas. When you are new to welding with gas it’s hard to know how to go about getting some. You need to know what the available Argon tank sizes are and what is the right Argon tank size for you. And importantly […]


Millermatic 135 the Nuts and Bolts

By Bill Byers / October 13, 2019

Popular, flexible no wonder Millermatic 135s are still sought after and used. No longer sold but if you keep an eye out, you may find one lightly used on the second user market place. And if you find one, it is well worth picking one up – assuming you can get a sweet price on it. Flexible, […]


Gifts for a Welder, 9 Gifts a Welder Would Choose

By Bill Byers / October 10, 2019

As a welder and someone who has been around the welder community for over ten years, I know what I would like to receive as a gift from a friend or a loved one. It’s a mixture of the fun and light hearted as well as the practical – perhaps an item I would love to […]


Utility Trailer Ramp Gate Plans In Pictures 7 Steps

By Bill Byers / October 5, 2019

You have yourself a decent 230 volt MIG welder, been practicing and now you are ready to test your skills on a real project. Building a trailer ramp gate onto an existing utility trailer that you use for your quad bike, motorcycle or sit on mower is a good place to start. I’ve done a […]


Welding Anti Spatter Spray and Nozzle Gel, What is it &

By Bill Byers / August 23, 2019

Why do you need it? You may be frustrated with the clean up of your welding area after you’ve welded or been annoyed with the time it’s taken to clean that spatter off that piece you so carefully welded. No matter what piqued your interest in welding anti spatter spray, stick with me and I’ll explain what […]


Lincoln Handy MIG Weld Aluminum? Can it?

By Bill Byers / July 27, 2019

Your key to understanding whether the Lincoln Handy MIG can weld Aluminum. Is knowing what the Handy MIG is capable of. And then be aware of what successful Aluminum welding needs. What Can the Lincoln Handy MIG Do? You’ll find the Handy MIG is for light duty welding. The Handy MIG is a 115 volt […]


Flux Core Aluminum Welding Wire, I Want It Now

By Bill Byers / June 15, 2019

You have a great 90 Amp or 130 Amp flux core welder and it uses flux core welding wire. But you have this little job to do and the base metal is Aluminum. You ask, ‘Can you weld Aluminum with a flux core welder?’ In reality your question is ‘Can you flux core weld Aluminum?’ […]


Goplus MIG 130 Settings – Annoyed You Cant Find the Right ..

By Bill Byers / June 12, 2019

You have loaded up your flux core welding wire into your Goplus MIG 130 and you’re ready to weld. (If you’re not sure how to load your welding wire? Do head over to my post “Goplus MIG 130 Welder Manual, The Missing Info“) This article takes you through what you need to know about the […]

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