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Stainless Steel Welding Wire Flux Core With a Home Welder?

By Bill Byers / March 17, 2019

You’ve got broken stainless steel that needs a weld. A guy quoted you big bucks to TIG weld it. But you have a welder … Your local welder supply is happy to sell you some Tri Mix gas to weld it with but its some huge cylinder and you’ll never use all that. And the price they […]


Best Flux Cored Wire for Mild Steel Why These Are the Boom

By Bill Byers / March 8, 2019

Welding with flux cored wire is one of the most popular welding processes around and for good reason. I’ve researched for you the best flux cored wire for mild steel. I explain why these are the best and I give you some advice for all you home hobby welders. Best Flux Cored Wire for Mild […]


Best Welding Wire for Mild Steel When MIG Welding at Home

By Bill Byers / March 8, 2019

Can mild steel be welded? Yes It most certainly can and I’ve researched for you here the best welding wire for mild steel for the home work shop, garage or on the ranch. I’ve compared here mild steel MIG wire, which needs shielding gas as opposed to flux core wire for mild steel that is […]


How to Build a trailer Ramp Gate 12 Best Tips For Welders

By Bill Byers / March 7, 2019

You have your Trailer Ramp Gate Plan in hand, scribbled notes all over. You may have even bought all the steel, welding wire and a tank of compressed gas for your MIG welder. You may be just perched ready to go – Let me give you the 12 best hints and tips on How to […]


Stainless Steel MIG wire, 5 Best and 10 Welding Tips

By Bill Byers / March 6, 2019

Already found the stainless steel welding wire you want to use? or already know who to weld stainless steel? If your answer to both those questions is no, let me see how I can help. In the hunt for stainless steel MIG wire, I look to give you a head start on the best stainless welding wire. And […]


How to choose a MIG Welder, the Secret Sauce, 16 Points

By Bill Byers / February 24, 2019

Have you a few welding projects at home where; Yes, you could pay someone to weld and repair them for you. But wait! It might be fun to do them yourself.  How hard could it be – this welding stuff? Or do you have someone close to you that has said they’d like to try welding. And […]


Flux Core Welding Galvanized Steel 16 Things to Know

By Bill Byers / January 29, 2019

You have a small job or even a larger weld to do on a piece that lives out doors. Fencing, tubing or maybe a machine part. You know it’s steel but if it has been outdoors and shows little signs of rust it may have been galvanized or galvanized and then painted over. You want […]


Flux Core Welding Vs MIG Welding Head to Head

By Bill Byers / January 27, 2019

When new to welding you may wonder which is better? Flux core welding or MIG welding or which one to use in a particular situation. The truth is no one welding method is better than another. Each welding process, and here we are focusing on flux core welding vs MIG, is orientated towards different things. Although there is […]


What is Flux Core Welding Used For? Learn 12 Best Uses

By Bill Byers / January 21, 2019

You’ve heard about flux core welding, you may even be interested in getting a welder and welding up something yourself. Or perhaps flux core welding is of more academic interest. Either way, I aim to tell you here what flux core welding is used for and help you learn the 12 best uses. ​What is Flux Core […]


What is a Flux Core Welder? Learn Exactly In 10 Minutes

By Bill Byers / January 14, 2019

Need to know what is a flux core welder. I tell you in words, images and a video so that you know exactly what a flux core welder is.​An Example of a Flux Core Welder​What is a Flux Core Welder?​It is either an automatic or semi automatic welding machine that welds using electricity to produce […]

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