Goplus MIG 130 Title Image

You need a cheap welder.

Because you have limited funds.

You’re tempted, really tempted by the Goplus MIG 130 welder.

But is it stupid to spend your hard earned cash on one?

Goplus 130 MIG Welder Review Conclusion

As long as you’re clear what the Goplus MIG 130 welder is capable of when you buy you should be delighted.

You’ll find the Goplus 130 welder is an entry level flux core welder and cheap. Around 100-150 dollars for a welder is cheap.

If you are a home hobby DIY’er and you need a welder for light use. Or you want to find yourself a flux core welder to learn and practice your welding skills on. Then this welder could be for you.

And even if you are more experienced you’ll be interested in buying the Goplus. Because you’ll find a welder that is portable, easy to set up and one that will weld up your light gauge mild steel quick. And you will be ecstatic because you have your big boys welder for the serious stuff.

Reasons To Buy The Goplus MIG 130

  • The Goplus is a low cost entry level flux core welder. If you’re not too ambitious on what you use this welder for you could be in for a nice surprise
  • You’ll find the four output voltage settings flexible for an entry level welder
  • The stainless steel cabinet should help prevent staining. And the Goplus welder is available in black or yellow. The yellow paint will cost you extra

Reasons Not To Buy The Goplus MIG 130

  • Beware. The 10% duty cycle targets this welder at light gauge mild steel and light welding tasks
  • If you’re looking for a welding kit don’t rely on the included accessories

GoPlus MIG 130

GoPlus Front

This Goplus welder gives you a duty cycle of 10% at 105 Amp.

You’ll find with a welding output range of 50 – 120 Amps. This welder will get you up and welding at an entry level price.

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Goplus 130 MIG Welder YouTube Video

You should like this 3 minute 7 second video. Savvy Thoughts talks you through his experience of setting up the Goplus welder. He uses his Goplus to weld up a Halloween figure. He really likes this welder. Hope you enjoy his video.

Goplus MIG 130 Welder Flux Core

Video Credit: Savvy_Thoughts Reviews

The Goplus MIG 130 Has MIG In Its Title. Is it A MIG Welder?

Strictly speaking no.

A MIG welder is a welder that is able to weld with solid wire and use a separate tank of shielding gas. And you can’t connect a tank of gas to the Goplus MIG 130

The Goplus is a flux core only welder. This means that the Goplus MIG 130 uses flux core welding wire. Welding with flux core wire is also known as gas less welding.

You’ll find an article on the site that tells you all about MIG welding here.

And what is a MIG welder. If you want more on what a MIG welder does. Do go ahead and take a look.

If you would like to know about the process of flux core welding you can find out in my article “What is Flux Core Welding for Beginners and Everyone Else.”

If you want to know more about flux core welders generally then do have a look at “What is a Flux Core Welder? Learn Exactly in 10 Minutes“.

The Goplus MIG 130 Compared To Other Low Cost Flux Core Welders

The Goplus is spookily like several Chinese manufactured MIG 130 flux core only welders on the market. You’ll find most of them have similar sizes, the same looking fronts, controls and features.

You will find them known as the Zeny MIG 130 or the Super Deal MIG 130 or the Arksen MIG 130. Even as the FDS MIG 130. You may notice that the Goplus MIG 130 has the letters FDS on the front.

These welding machines are imported and sold by a number of companies.

They are in effect interchangeable.

So which one you buy could come down to which one is the cheapest on the day. And which of the distributing companies you think will give you the best after sales service. You’ll want a company that sorts your problems pronto, should you get a rogue, dead on arrival unit.

Pay attention to the after sales service of the various distributors. Find one offering the best user experience.

If you want to know more there is a round up of them all in an article on the site.

I have compared them to other flux core welders under the 200 dollars price point. If you have a little more money to spend do have a look.

Goplus MIG 130 Specs Overview

1. The Goplus MIG 130’s Duty Cycle Is 10% At 105 Amp.

What does this mean?

This 10% duty cycle means that you can weld for a total of one minute at the 105 Amp output setting. Then the welder overheats. The Goplus 130 MIG welder has thermal protection. Should the Goplus get too hot it will switch itself off.

The Goplus welder measures its duty cycle at its 105 Amp output. 

This is less than the 120 Amp total output this welder is capable of.

So using this flux core welder at its maximum Amp output will give you less than a minutes welding time.

How much less?

Well that will depend on the ambient air temperature. In a hot humid climate it could be a really short time when compared to a cooler climate

2. Input Power For The Goplus 110 Volts On A 120v Circuit.

The Goplus 130 welder uses a normal household 3 pin plug. Perfect for home shop and yard use.

You’ll find it is best to plug this welding machine into a 20 Amp fused circuit. Then you won’t be cursing each time it trips your fuse.

3. Goplus MIG 130 Min Max Welding Output Voltage 50 To 120 Amp.

You won’t find anything that tells you which switch setting gets you what voltage output. 

This means you will need to practice your settings.

Intrigued about the Goplus welder’s voltage output settings? Take a look at my article here.

4. Min Max Metal Welded By The Goplus MIG 130.

The Goplus welder will weld from 18 gauge mild steel to 1/4 of an inch mild steel.

You should expect to bevel  and take multiple weld passes when welding 3/16th of an inch and 1/4 inch mild steel.

You will also need to buy some multi pass capable flux core wire to weld many passes.

5. Metals The Goplus Can Weld: Mild Steel And Low Carbon Steel.

And that is pretty much it, due to the limited power of this welder.

Have you wondered if the Goplus MIG 130 welder could weld stainless steel and Aluminum?

Take a read of my article and find out.

6. Flux Core Welding Wires For The Goplus Welder.

0.030 and 0.035 inch flux core mild steel wire.

0.035 flux core wire and contact tips are supplied with the Goplus.

You may well find for your particular welding 0.030 wire may suit you better. This size of wire takes less voltage output to weld. And generally suits the lower spec, lower voltage of the Goplus MIG 130.

Just be sure to get yourself some 0.030 contact tips to match your 0.030 wire.

What about 0.023 wire? It is strange that the distributors for this welder say this welder can take 0.023 wire.

And I guess you can put it in. But the 0.023 welding wire size is solid MIG wire.

The Goplus 130 welder is flux core only so using this wire is no use to you whatsoever.

7. Goplus MIG 130 Welding Wire Spool Size: 1 lb. Or 2 lb. Flux Core Wire Spools.

The Goplus comes with a half pound spool of wire.

You’ll find that the Goplus welder doesn’t hold 10 lb. spools of welding wire.

8. 7 Foot Power Cord And 6 Foot Cord Lengths.

A 7 foot power cord is not too bad a length on the Goplus 130 MIG. But 6 foot of cord also known a hose to welding gun is short. And you have a 6 foot cord to the welding clamp too.  This means a bit of planning when welding in those hard to reach spots.

9. Goplus 130 MIG Size: 14 H x 13.5 L x 7.5 D Inches.

10. Overall Weight of the Goplus Welder: 35 lb.

Means you’ll find the Goplus light weight and convenient. It is delightfully designed to be portable. You won’t need to risk a trip to the chiropractor to take this flux core welding machine to your welding project.

What You Will Find In The Goplus 130 MIG Welder Box

The Goplus flux core welder

  • the MIG gun and 6 foot hose
  • 6 Foot cord to the ground clamp.
  • 2 contact tips of 0.035 size
  • A .55 lbs. spool of flux core wire
  • A hand held face protection mask
  • Combined brush/chipping hammer

You will notice the Goplus MIG 130 marketed as a welding kit. Supplied are extra accessories; a test spool of flux core wire, a facemask and a combined brush and chipping hammer.

All to appeal to you the home hobby shop welder.

You find the facemask and brush flimsy and scarily quick to break.

Plus the spool of flux core wire isn’t the best quality. Check out my article for some better wires.

INETUB Flux Core Wire For Mild Steel

User Experiences With The Goplus MIG Welder

You’ll find users are delighted by the Goplus MIG 130 welder.

The happiest users are the ones that bought the Goplus fully understanding what the welder can do.

And they are using the Goplus 130 welder for what it’s good at.

The Goplus is a MIG 130. Click on the button and take a look see where they appear on the Best Flux Core Welders List.

Last Words On The Goplus 130 MIG Welder Review

If you only have a small budget this may be all the welder you can afford right now.

And there is nothing wrong with that.

Without doubt the Goplus MIG 130 is an entry level, flux core welder that welds light gauge, mild steel well.

If that is what you are after, then yes you are smart to spend your cash on a Goplus MIG 130.

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  1. In the article you state ” this welder is DCEN”
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    1. Hi Brian, Thank you for your comment. I hope apart from that you found my post useful. I have revised the post and hopefully it is easier to follow now. The welder does indeed take in AC power as you say. And it does use a transformer. But I think you missunderstood what I was referring to. The DCEN I refer to is the MIG gun polarity. That is DCEN. That section is now in a separate post all about the metals welded by the Goplus MIG welder. That post can be found here. Many thanks Bill

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