Forney Easy Weld 29901 (Review) 18 Reasons Weld With One

By Ben Norton / June 1, 2019
Forney Easy Weld 29901 Title Image

Let me show you in this Forney Easy Weld 299 review the 18 reasons you should start welding with this arc welder and three reasons why not.

Forney Easy​ Weld 29901 125 FC

Forney Easy Weld 125 FC Front

Easy to use and durable, the Forney Easy Weld 29901 125FC is a gas less flux core wire welder.

With a maximum welding output of 125 Amp, this welder runs on normal 120 volt household power. Perfect for when you are new to welding and need an arc welder for your home workshop or garage.

 And at just a shade under 33 lbs. it is light enough to take and use where you need it most.

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​Overall Verdict On the Forney Easy Weld 29901

This is the welder you ought to get when you want the benefits of flux core gas less MIG welding and need a quality machine.

Flux core wire welding is considered the easiest welding process for beginners and the Easy Weld 299 does just that.

There is no gas to choose, think about, transport or store.

This Easy Weld 29901 is easy to use and reliable. The ground clamp and torch head comes ready assembled. This means that getting is started even easier.

It will not take long with this Forney 29901 125FC MIG Welder for you to get past the beginner stage of MIG welding.

For the more experienced welder wanting a flux core only machine from a traditional US manufacturer, this is the machine of choice.

Pros of the Forney Easy Weld 29901

  • It is like Forney anticipated what new welders would need. Then they provided those features in this welder
  • Ordering the Forney Easy Weld 29901 in its start up package is an excellent choice for a beginner welder. Because you get a bunch of accessories bundled in
  • The instruction manual is actually clear and helpful. Coupled with the good YouTube videos from Forney it all gets you started in the right way
  • The Forney Easy Weld 125 flux core welder is portable at 32.6 lbs. and light enough to take to a remote welding site should you want to

Cons  of the Forney Easy Weld 29901

  • The Forney Easy Weld is great for light to medium DIY projects around the house. Use the arc welder for small precise jobs or for light auto maintenance too. But this is no heavy-duty welder
  • This only uses flux cored welding wire and there is no option to use gas should you want to weld metals such as Aluminum or stainless steel
  • At six feet in length both the cords to the welding torch and the ground clamp are shorter than expected and may be a nuisance to some
  •  Just the one rocker switch to control welding output. The switch has two positions for your Amp output. After that you're down to adjusting the wire speed to tailor your welding. Showing this is a well build but basic flux core welder.

​Forney Easy Weld 125FC YouTube Video

Forney has made this great 2 minute 14 second YouTube video describing the Easy Weld 29901.

It is worth taking a look at the video as you decide whether to purchase or not.

The video from Forney bucks the male orientated industry trend. They use a knowledgeable young lady to describe and demonstrate the welder. Good on you Forney Industries.

Forney Easy Weld 125FC

Video Credit: Forney Industries

Reasons to Start Welding with the Forney 125 MIG Welder

The Easy Weld 29901 welds using the flux core welding process. If you are not sure exactly what that is or would simply like to know more, I have some articles on the site;

"What is Flux Core Welding for Beginners and Everyone Else"


 "What is Flux Core Welding Used for? Learn 12 Best Uses"

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Forney Easy Weld 299 Review

To help you decide I offer you 18 reasons to start welding with this Forney 125 flux core welder.

Reason 1: Jobs you can Use The Forney 125fc For

This flux core wire welder is aimed at those light to medium welding DIY jobs. It is ideal to use for welding mild steel around the home, yard and ranch. Have some light car or truck repairs to do?

Then use the Forney 299. Just check the metal gauge is not too thin or too thick.

If artistic welding of low carbon steel is your thing, then you are good to go with this Forney.

Reason 2: Forney Easy Weld 125FC Welding Amp Output

With a welding output of 65 Amp to 80 Amp you will be able to weld mild steel or low carbon steel.

Reason 3: Two Voltage Settings On the Forney 125fc Welder

There are two settings for your Amp output voltage via a rocker switch on the front.

The single switch flips between the sheet metal setting and the thin plate setting.

Forney Easy Weld 125FC Front Dial and Switch

Forney Easy Weld 125FC Front Dial and Switch

The thin plate setting is the higher setting; sheet metal is the lower setting.

This makes this flux core arc welder super easy to use.

Further fine tuning the Amp output settings is done by adjusting the speed at which the flux core wire is fed out to the torch.

The down side is this makes the Forney 299 not as flexible as some welders in its class. Some of them have more switches or dials to adjust the output Amp settings with.

More experienced welders may find this frustrating. But this welder is designed for light to medium welding tasks and to be easy use. Having the one switch for the Amp output setting is as easy as it gets. 

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Reason 4:  What do users think of the Forney 29901 125FC

Most are pretty pleased with their purchase.

Here is a link so that you can see for yourself what the users on Amazon think of the Forney Easy Weld 125FC.

View the Forney 29901 Reviews on Amazon

Scroll down to the end of the sales page to check out the reviews.

Reason 5: The Forney 125 MIG Welder Mild Steel Min Max Metal Gauges

This Forney Easy Weld is able to weld 24 gauge up to quarter of an inch thick mild steel.

Though I would say you would need some skill and multiple welding passes to accomplish welds of 1/4 inch. The joint would need to be well prepared and beveled.

Something a beginner welder could struggle with. 

It's more realistic to expect to weld 3/16 of an inch thick max for someone that is starting their welding journey.

Forney Easy Weld 125 FC Front

Reason 6: Forney Easy Weld 125 FC Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of the Forney wire feed welder is 20% at 80 Amps.

This means that you can weld for two minutes straight in a single 10 minute session. Then you must rest the welder for eight minutes to cool down. This is so that you don't overheat the welder.

This duty cycle is pretty good when compared to some of the more entry level flux core welders that have duty cycles of 10%. Meaning you can only weld with them for 1 minute straight.

Reason 7: The Forney Easy Weld 29901 125 FC MIG Welder Start Up Kit

You can order the Forney 29901 125 FC MIG welder on its own or as bundled as part of a start up kit.

That way you get the Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC flux Core welder plus some things you'll need if you have never welded before.

You get:

  • A Premier Series TIM Camo ADF Helmet.
  • Black Welding Gloves,
  • Split back premium leather driver gloves,
  • a grinding disc wheel
  • a wire scratch brush.

And the great thing is that all these bundled accessories are Forney products too.

Go through the link to see today's cost for the start up kit on Amazon.

If you are a beginner and without the necessary equipment then, you can help yourself get a quick start with this beginner’s package.

Reason 8: Forney 299 Easy Weld Internal Thermal Protection

The Forney Easy Weld 299 comes with internal Thermal Protection. There is a sensor that shuts off your welding should the welder start to overheat. This protects your welder from damage.

The thermal protector will automatically reset when the arc welder is cool enough.  Beware though - the thermal protector may reset and you think you are ready to go and weld.

But Forney states quite clearly that you have to wait at least ten minutes before starting to weld again. Otherwise you risk "reducing the weld performance" and could experience "less than the specified duty cycle" - you have been warned.

Reason 9: Is the Forney 29901 125FC MIG Welder a 120 Volt Welder?

Yes. The Easy Weld uses 120V normal household power and can generate up to 125 Amps. Plug it into a normal 3 pin socket fused to 20 Amps and you are set to go.

Though if I were you I would try and ensure it is the only appliance pulling power from that circuit. To get good welding output your Forney 299 needs all the power available. Otherwise you'll risk a welding arc that stutters and starts.

Reason 10: What Size and Type of Welding Wires Can the Forney Easy Weld Use?

Flux-core wire only. The Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder is designed to use 0.030 inch diameter welding wire.

But it is possible for you to use 0.035 inch flux core wire instead. To do that you will need to get 0.035 contact tips as these are not supplied in the box by default.

The wire speed rate is variable, and you can adjust it with a dial that goes from one to ten.

Reason 11: The Forney 299 Welder Can Hold 10 lb. Spools

The Forney 29901 125FC can take either 2 lb. spools or 10 lb. spools (4 inch or 8 inch spools). Which means you can take cost/convenience advantage of using the larger spools. Not all welders in its class offer this feature. Most of the others take the smaller spool size.

Forney Easy Weld 299 Inside Cabinet

Forney Easy Weld 299 Inside Cabinet

Reason 12: Forney 29901 Welding Parameters

There is a quick reference welding chart on the inside of the welder's cabinet.  It shows for the thickness of steel you are welding, the appropriate wire feed speed and power setting - either sheet metal or thin plate. 

This makes it super easy for beginners or those new to the welder.  You get your starting settings for you to begin your welding without needing to refer to the manual.

Reason 13: The Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder Manual

The Forney 299 125FC Flux Core Welder Manual is pretty comprehensive and talks you through setting up and using this welder.

Though be ready to experiment to find the right welding settings for the job you want to do.

Here is a link so that you can take a look at the manual ahead of deciding whether to buy this arc welder.

Owners Manual

​PDF Credit: Forney Industries

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Reason 14:  What's in the Box?

When delivered you get the Forney Easy Weld 125 Flux Core Welder

  • A 2 lb. sample reel of 0.030 inch Forney flux core wire which is great quality.
  • Chipping Hammer and Wire Brush which is better quality than most of the chipping hammers/wire brush combinations provided in equivalent welders.
  • 2 of 0.030 inch contact tips
  • 2 Torch Wrap Ears
  • 2 screws to affix the Torch Wrap Ears to the carry handle
  • Welding gun cable (about six feet in length)
  • A ground clamp cable (about six feet in length)

The Torch Wrap Ears are a nice touch. you screw them onto the handle on the top of the Forney 299 welder unit. Then you can use them to wrap your cables around when you carry the Forney 299. It makes transportation easier.

Reason 15: YouTube Video Unboxing the Forney Easy Weld 125FC

Here is a nice 9 minute 28 second YouTube video I found on Unboxing the Forney Easy Weld 29901. The lady from Forney takes you through opening the box and getting your welder out. Plus loading in your welding wire all the way through to listening to the right crackle sound of your first weld.


Unboxing the Forney Easy Weld 125FC

Video Credit: Forney Industries

Reason 16: Is the Forney 125FC Portable?

It is certainly not bulky and is easily carried to your welding site.

Overall the welder measures 24.6 L by 12.6 W by 18.5 H.

The weight is 32.6 pounds.

So it is definitely in the portable class of welders.

Reason 17: The Manufacturer of the Forney Welders?

Forney a well-known brand in the welding industry.

Forney Industries started in 1932 and has manufactured high-quality tools and welding equipment for the last 80 plus years.

They are based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Forney design their arc welders. With the Forney Easy Weld welders manufactured in Italy, these welders are American design - Italian manufacture.

The Forney Easy Weld 29901 125FC welder was first released onto the market in 2015.

Forney Easy Weld 125FC Ground Clamp and Torch

Forney Easy Weld 125FC Ground Clamp and Torch

​There is a 6-month warranty to cover defect in manufacturing and workmanship, when the unit has been used normally. There is a 90 day cover on the MIG welder gun and electrode holder.

Reason 18: Warranty

There is a 6-month warranty to cover defect in manufacturing and workmanship, when the unit has been used normally. There is a 90 day cover on the MIG welder gun and electrode holder.

This article wouldn't be complete without a look at the other side of the coin.

3 Reasons Not to Buy the Forney Wire Feed Welder

Reason Not To 1: The Forney Easy Weld 125FC Can't weld Aluminum

The Forney 299 welder does not weld Aluminum. It is a flux core only welder and there is no flux core wire available to weld Aluminum.

I have an article that goes into all the detail. It outlines you why there is no such thing as flux core aluminum wire. You can check the article out here.​

Also you can double check with Forney.

Use the link above to see the Forney Industries FAQ page. Type 125 in the search bar to narrow down the list of questions to the ones for the Forney 29901 125FC.

Reason Not To 2: The Forney 29901 Can't Weld Stainless Steel

You may have read about the Forney 299 125FC flux core welder being able to weld stainless steel.

Generally welding stainless steel is done with a MIG welder that uses separate shielding gas and stainless steel solid welding wire.

 Though it is possible to buy flux core stainless steel wire (take a look at my document on the site where I have researched Stainless Steel Flux Core welding wires here). 

You will need an arc welder with sufficient Amp output and one that can change its polarity which you can't do with this welder.

 And Forney expressly states it's not possible with this welder.

Use the link above to see the Forney Industries FAQ page. Type 125 in the search bar to narrow down the list of questions to the ones for the Forney 29901 125FC.

Wish to weld stainless steel? You'll need a MIG welder capable. One that has has enough power and can change polarity. Why not check out my Lincoln 140 post or my Everlast 140 post for two welders capable of welding stainless steel.

Reason Not To 3: The Forney 299 125FC Can's Use Shielding Gas

The Forney 29901 is a flux core wire welder only. It is designed for welding mild steel with flux core welding wire.

And Forney themselves confirm this.

Use the link above to see the Forney Industries FAQ page. Type 125 in the search bar to narrow down the list of questions to the ones for the Forney Easy Weld 125FC.

Last Words on the Forney Easy Weld 29901

And there you have it 18 reasons to start welding with the Forney Easy Weld 125 flux core welder - along with three reasons why not!

I hope you enjoyed my review and feel confident enough to decide whether to go ahead and invest in the Forney Easy Weld 29901 125FC.