Everlast MIG 140

Are you frustrated because you’ve some stuff to fix up around your yard?

You just got quoted for someone to weld them up for you.

And their quote was so expensive.

What if you bought yourself MIG welder?

You could learn how to weld it up yourself.

And now you’re looking around. The Everlast Power i-MIG 140e Welder looks pretty tasty.

The iMIG 140e is Everlast’s entry level MIG welder. Though you’ll find there’s little that’s entry level about it.

When you’re looking for to buy a portable light weight MIG welder for your home shop.

You get a lot for your money.

Review Summary Of The Everlast iMIG 140e

If you’ve some MIG welding experience. And you’re looking for value for money get the Everlast Power i-MIG 140e MIG welder.

When you need to get some real MIG welding done, it’s certainly worth it.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by its efficiency, portability. and durability.

You’ll be arguing. Over which is the best welder with your Lincoln Electric and Hobart welder buddies. 

And you may get them to change their minds … When they see what you can do with this welder.

Pros For The Everlast iMIG 140e

  • You’ll find a MIG Welder with an IGBT Inverter design. This make the duty cycle mouth wateringly good. The performance is to die for.
  • And this i-MIG 140e welder is easy on your back it’s so light weight.
  • Got thicker steel to weld up? You’ll see that the power i-MIG 140e deals with thicker metals than most of its competitors.
  • You want to weld Aluminum? Then you can, using its optional spool gun.
  • An infinitely variable voltage output. And wire speed means you can set your welding output set to exactly what you want.
  • And just check out how many people love using it.

Cons Of The Everlast iMIG 140e

  • You’ll need to buy a separate drive roll to run flux core welding wire. This seems silly. When you as a beginner MIG welder will likely want to start off flux core welding. And with the Everlast power I-MIG 140e welder so portable, flux core is easier when you’re taking you MIG welder out with you.
  • You’ll find no welding parameter guide sheet. This pushes the Everlast 140e more toward the experienced MIG welder. You’ll have to take out your marker pen. And make notes on the inside of the cabinet of your preferred voltage and wire settings.
  • You’ll want to replace the ground clamp. The one in the box is light weight.

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Everlast Power MIG 140E

Everlast YouTube Video On The Everlast 140 MIG

Everlast Power Products Inc. has made this 4 minutes 30 second video. You’ll get an overview of the Everlast i-MIG 140e.

It’s a good one.

Everlast MIG Welder Power I-MIG 140E video 1 of 3

Credit: Everlast Power Equipment Inc.

Comparison Chart Everlast i MIG 140e Versus The Lotos MIG 140

Like to see a quick comparison on a MIG welder that competes in the same market space as the Everlast 140e?

Features Everlast i-MIG 140e Lotos MIG 140
Size 14″ H x 8.5″ W x 17″ L 9.5″ H x 14.5″ W x 16″ L
Weight25 lbs.54 lbs.
Duty Cycle25% at 140 Amp20% at 90 Amp
Max Amp Output140 Amp140 Amp
Weld AluminumYes with separate spool gunYes with separate spool gun
Max Steel Weld Width3/8 ths3/16 ths
Gas RegulatorYes, with Gas GaugeYes, with Gas Gauge
Warranty5 year parts and labor, 30 day satisfaction guarantee, 6 months Warranty on Torch and cables30 day satisfaction guarantee, 1 year Limited Warranty

A Quick Features Review Of The Everlast 140 MIG

So what can you expect from the Everlast 140e?

You’ll find a welding output range from 25 Amps to 140 Amps.

Wide compared to similar MIG welder.

You control your welding output on a dial that you can set where you want.

This is a complete contrast to other MIG welders around its price point. On those you’ll have four or five specific output settings. On a dial called a tapped dial.

Your Everlast Power iMIG 140e is able to weld mild steel. You can weld stainless steel, and Aluminum (with an optional spool gun).

And what’s unusual for a welder in its class, you can weld Chrom-moly. A real plus.

Your Everlast 140 is fan cooled.

You can use weld with solid MIG wire and gas out of the box. To use the 140e with flux core welding wire you’ll need to buy a separate serrated drive roll. (Available direct from Everlast)

You can weld from 24 gauge all the way up to 3/16th in a single pass. And it doesn’t matter if your metal is mild steel or stainless steel. You can weld 3/8ths with multiple passes.

You can weld 3/32 thick Aluminum.

Interested to see where the Everlast 140 MIG appears in the list of the best beginner MIG welders?

If you are, you can take a look right here.

Reviewing: The View From The Front Of The Power i-MIG 140e

Everlast 140 MIG Dials
Everlast 140 MIG Dials

The front of the 140e sports three lights.

The first shows you when the welder is on.

The second is a temperature light. And glows to tell you that your Everlast 140e is overheated.

The third is an over current light. That comes on when your 140e senses there’s not enough current to weld. Or there’s too much current drawn.

In the middle of the Everlast 140 MIG’s top row is a dial that allows you to adjust the output voltage. The dial goes from one to ten and is adjustable.

Moving along on the top row is the spool gun on/off switch.

Underneath the voltage dial is the wire speed control dial. Again infinitely variable and that dial goes from one to ten.

Below The Everlast I-MIG 140’s Main Control Panel

Just under the main control panel is where you connect the control wire for your spool gun.

Below that is where you connect your grounding clamp.

And the last connector nearest the bottom is the Euro quick connector.

This is where you plug in your MIG gun cable. Or your spool gun when you’re welding Aluminum.

The Euro style quick connector is a neat touch. It means you can change out your welding gun with a compatible one. And have choice in your welding torch and cable.

Reviewing: The View From The Back Of The Power i-MIG 140e

On the back at the top is the main on off power switch for the Everlast 140 MIG.  Underneath that is where you’ll find your gas connector.

The main power cable and an input grill for the fan is also at the back.

You’ve a nice neat clean design.

You may want to take a look at where the Everlast i-MIG 140e appears on the Best MIG welders for Home Use list. It’s interesting.

Reviewing: The Inside Of The Power i-MIG 140e

The main selling point of your Everlast Power MIG 140e is its IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) Design. An inverter.

So what?

It’s competitors use transformers inside. Transformers produce the welding output and are heavy. They also have shorter duty cycles.

The Everlast Power MIG 140e’s inverter means you get more welding output. More output for the electrical power that goes into this welder.

A real boon when you’re using household 120v power.

What does this all mean? It means you’re Everlast 140e performs better, for longer and is lighter.

Changing Your Polarity On The iMIG 140e

Inside the cabinet you have the connectors where you can easily change the polarity. You change them depending on the type of wire you’re using.

Solid wire plus shielding gas needs a positive MIG gun connection.

Most often flux core wire needs your MIG gun connected to the negative terminal. But check what the manufacturer of the welding wire you’re using recommends.

Everlast Power i-MIG 140e Drive Assembly

The wire drive assembly is made of cast Aluminum and steel.

This makes it robust and should see you through years of good use.

The Wire Spool Holder

Everlast 140e Spool Holder
Everlast 140e With a full Spool

You’ve a wire spool holder that holds spools of up to 12 pounds in weight. When you’re doing a lot of welding buying large spools of welding wire is a cost advantage.

What You Won’t Find Inside The 140e’s Cabinet

What’s missing is a welding guide chart.

Nope you wont find one.

Either on the 140e or in its manual.

Whether you’re a beginner. Or an experienced welder you’ll be testing out your weld settings.

Are you still not sure how to go about choosing the right MIG welder for you?

Do take a look at this document and find some pointers to help you decide.

The Power iMIG 140e Duty Cycle

So lets compare.

Most of the 140e competitor’s have a 10% duty cycle.

Or you’ll find some with a 20% duty cycle at a welding voltage output around 90 Amp.

These welders with have higher maximum welding outputs. But no duty cycle claimed for the higher output levels.

On your 140e you’ve a 25% duty cycle at its maximum 140 Amps.


And Everlast Power Products Inc. publish its duty cycles and the ambient temperature they measure it in. (40 degrees centigrade.)

Many welder manufacturers particularly at the entry end of the market. Do not publish the ambient maximum temperature associated with their duty cycle figures.

On your Power iMIG 140e you’ve a duty cycle of:

  • 25% at 140 Amp
  • 60% at 90 Amp
  • 100% at 70 Amp

How Is The Duty Cycle Measured?

A duty cycle is measured over a ten minute welding window.

A 25% duty cycle at 140 Amp means that when you’ve your Everlast welder welding at its maximum voltage output.

You can weld for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

After that you rest your 140e welder for the rest of the 10 minute welding window. 7 minutes 30 seconds.

If you exceed the duty cycle and trigger your over temperature light. Then you’ll need to rest your 140e with the fan on to cool the welder for 15 minutes. Before you can turn your MIG off and on to reset.

Note the 100% duty cycle at 70 Amp doesn’t mean you can run your i-MIG 140e at that setting without a break.

Duty cycles are taken over a ten minute period. After ten minutes you should rest your i-MIG 140e welder with the fan on.

Everlast YouTube Video 2 On The Everlast 140e

Here’s a video that’s 7 minute 20 seconds long by Everlast. It shows you how to set up the Everlast i MIG 140e.


Everlast MIG Welder Power I-MIG 140e

Credit: Everlast Power Equipment Inc.

Over Temperature Light And Over Current On Your Everlast 140e

The Over Temperature sensor switches in to protect your i-MIG when you go over the duty cycle. It senses that the temperature inside your welder is too hot.

A brilliant feature to stop you accidently burning out your welder.

When this happens your Everlast Poweri-MIG 140e MIG welder will keep feeding wire but you’ll have no arc.

Your fan needs 15 minutes to cool the internals.

What About The Over Current Light?

This comes on when the Everlast welder detects there’s over or under voltage coming into the welder.

Or that your MIG 140e’s gun is drawing too much voltage.

You’ll need to check you’ve clean voltage coming in. If you have then, check your nozzle and contact tip.

It’s likely covered by a lot of slag and needs cleaning. 

Many torch guns are burned out by too much slag and this stops that.

Switching on and off will reset your Power I-MIG 140e.

Everlast recommends you leave 12 inches back and front for clear air flow. You won’t want your over temperature triggered because of lack of air flow.

Everlast 140 Side View
Everlast 140 Side View

Everlast MIG Welder Settings For Voltage

You get a voltage ranging from 25 Amp to 140 Amp.

But the infinitely variable voltage output dial will be exciting to the more experienced welder.

They know that tapped dials can get frustrating. When you just want your output just so.

When you set your Everlast 140e MIG Welder settings to the right voltage. Listen for the right amount of crackle from your arc. And watch that your weld puddle is wetting in right.

There’s a short section of general suggestions in the 140e Operators Manual. It covers plate thickness, wire diameter and welding Amps.

The reality is that tapped settings and welding charts give you a starting point for your weld. You’ll need to practice your welds and adjust for your own situation.

Everlast YouTube Video On How to Set Up Your First Weld

This 8 minute 35 second video will help the less experienced. And get you started welding with your Everlast Power i-MIG 140e MIG welder.

You’ll like the part where you hear what to listen for as you weld.

Everlast MIG Welder Power I-MIG 140 E video 3 of 3

Credit: Everlast Power Equipment Inc.

Is The Power i-MIG 140e A 120v Welder?


Perfect for the home or work shop your Everlast i-MIG 140e uses normal household power.

Your Power i-MIG 140e will need at least a 20 Amp fused circuit. With a good ground.

But to use this welder to the max. You’ll need a circuit fused to 30 Amp to prevent you tripping your circuit breaker.

Does The Everlast 140e Use Flux Core And Solid Wires?


Your Everlast Power MIG 140e can use both 4 in. and 8 in. wire spools. And can take spools up to 12 lbs. in weight.

You can feed 0.023 in. to 0.035 in. wire diameter.

Though 0.030 inch wire is recommended by Everlast as the largest to use.

You can use solid wire for mild and for stainless steel.

But for flux core welding your Everlast 140e needs a serrated teeth drive roll. And you don’t get one in the box.

A pity. And one area where its competition is better. You get what you need to flux core weld out of the box.

Do You Get A Spool Of Wire In The Power i-MIG Box?

Sorry no.

No sample wire is in the i-MIG 140e’s box unlike its competitors. 

Whether this is a disadvantage or not depends on your point of view.

Some of Everlast’s competitors put in poor quality wire.

So a lack of sample wire simply means you buy your own preferred brand right from the start.

The wire speed rate is infinitely variable. Like its competitors.

And the wire feed speed is variable up to 360 inches per minute.

Everlast 140 Drive Roll
Everlast 140 Drive Assembly

Can The Everlast 140e Weld Aluminum?


With its optional spool gun.

And you can weld small to medium Aluminum welding projects.

You’ll need Aluminum wire and 100% Argon gas.

You’ll find a post about Argon tank sizes that you might like to take a look at.

A direct connection for the spool gun is on the front of the Everlast MIG.

And the spool gun has it’s own on/off switch. 

You can weld 3/32 inch and larger thickness Aluminum.

You’ll definitely need to have a 30 Amp circuit for welding Aluminum.

What Shielding Gasses Can The Everlast Power i-MIG 140e Use?

You can use C25 – 75% Argon, 25% Carbon Dioxide mix for mild steel.

You can also use 100% Argon for the welding of Aluminum.

If you want you can use 100% Carbon Dioxide though you’ll need a regulator made for Carbon Dioxide gas.

And you can use Tri-mix for welding stainless steel.

The Power i-MIG 140e’s Supplied Regulator

In the box with your Everlast power i-MIG is an Argon/CO2 regulator.

It’s of the floating ball type. Check whether yours is in LPM – Liters per minute or CFH – cubic feet per hour. 

Everlast tend to supply regulators with LPM measurements.  LPM is roughly half that of CFH. Setting your gas wrong will see you using up your gas far faster than you thought.

You’ll need to position your regulator vertical so that the ball inside floats free.

What Do You Get In The Everlast MIG 140 Box?

Everlast 140 And Accessories
Everlast 140 And Accessories
  • The Everlast I-MIG 140e MIG Welder
  • 10 foot cord to the Everlast 15 series MIG torch
  • 10 foot cord to the Work Clamp
  • Single dial Argon / Carbon Dioxide Regulator
  • Gas Hose
  • Owners Manual

You’ll need to buy some contact tips. You can buy them from Everlast themselves, your local welding supplies or Amazon.

The Power i-MIG 140’s contact tip and nozzle is compatible with Trafmet, Binzel and Tweco.

You’ll need to buy welding wire if you don’t have any. You can look at a post on the best welding wire for mild steel here.

Along with welding gas.

And you’ll want to look at the work clamp ahead of deciding whether you’d prefer to replace it.  The one in the box is light and a heavier one will give you a good ground connection.

A good ground is crucial to striking a good arc.

Is This Everlast Welder Portable?

Yes, definitely.

Compared to its competition.

Using an inverter makes your i-MIG 140e weigh in at 25 lbs. It’s much lighter than its competition that typically weighs in between 40 to 60 pounds. 

Its size is compact too measuring 17 by 14 by 8.5 inches.

It is truly made for home and workshop use.

Who Makes The Everlast i MIG 140e?

Based in South San Francisco, Everlast Power Product Inc. started in 2004 as a company that made generators and welders.

With the distribution of their welders through the USA, Canada and now Australia and Europe. They have taken the distinctive bright green color of their welders worldwide.

Where Are The Everlast MIG 140 Welders Made?

The Everlast Welders are designed in the USA and manufactured off shore in China. Like a lot of US based welding companies. 

Certainly their welders are made at a standard above the cheaper no name alternative welders from China.

Everlast’s customer support and service are US based.

The Power I MIG 140e Operators Manual

The Operators Manual that comes with the Everlast welder is pretty good. And takes you through the use and features of the Everlast Poweri-MIG 140.

You get some general guidance and things to bear in mind to get the best out of the Everlast 140e welder.
Here is a link to the manual to take a look at.  Power I MIG 140e Operators Manual
Credit: Everlast Power Product Inc.

What Do The Users Of The Everlast Power MIG 140e Think?

Looking across the web you’ll find delighted users of the iMIG 140e.

They find the durability, capability and light weight is exactly what wanted out of a MIG welder.

YouTube Video One Month Everlast MIG Welder Review

Here’s a YouTube video by Tim Robel at his custom auto shop. He describes and shows what he has done with his Everlast 140e MIG.

Everlast i-MIG One Month Review

Video Credit: Tim Robel

Everlast i-MIG 140e Warranty

The warranty offered is solid.

You get five years parts and labor against manufacturing defects.

There’s 6 months warranty on the torch and cables.

And if your Everlast power MIG fail within 30 days of you buying there’s a satisfaction guarantee.

You can choose a repair instead within the 30 days. Everlast will pay the shipping to and from the repair center on mainland USA.

Which is pretty good and shows they have faith in their MIG welders.
Users report they’ve found contacting Everlast for help easy and They’re responsive.

Last Words

Your Everlast MIG 140 welder is made and built as a MIG welder for the home hobbyist. Or professional to use in their home garages or welding shops.

Boasting its IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter design. The Everlast Poweri-MIG 140e MIG welder produces a greater weld output with less power draw compared to its competition.

It’s also lighter weight because of its inverter.

Making this welder unique in its class as you’ll be able to weld at a greater output for longer. A real advantage.