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Do you want to power-up your workshop by building your own welding cart?

Do you want that tingle? You know the one. The one you’d feel each time you used your cart.

Because it was you put that baby together.

Here are a bunch welding cart plans and ideas. Pick one to copy for your own build.

Or use the bits you like to badass those plans kicking around in your head?

1. Your DIY Welding Cart

Gianco Welding Cart

Revel in this 6 minute 57 second YouTube video. Where you’ll watch the weld build of a 2 shelf welding cart.

You’ll notice the angled the top shelf. And that the compressed gas tank rides at the back.

You get a quick glance at the plans he uses. But not enough to give you something firm for you to use. You can draw up your own plans using his general idea.

One thing. You’ll see that he welds his casters directly onto the cart frame.

You may find that a bad idea yourself.

Because if a caster breaks. Or give you trouble. You’ll have a heck of a job getting it off to replace it.

You’ll find it far better to weld a plate on, drill holes and attach your casters with screws.

Watch this clever cart build.

Video Credit: Giaco Whatever

2. Your Basic 2 Shelf Cart Plan

Got a cramped space to weld in?

You’ll find this welding cart design by WcWelding covers what you’d be looking for out of a straight forward welding cart.

You’ve small casters on the front. Larger ones at the back. And a simple shelf to sit your compressed gas cylinder on.

You’ll need to pay to download these plans. Plans that include a full list of materials and a cut list.

You’ll find your overview of the cart here. Along with the bill of materials.

And a more detailed page on what you’ll get with the plans at this button link here.

3. Take A Look At Some Tasty Welding Cart Ideas And Plans On Pinterest

Welding Cart Plan Pinterest Board

If you’ve a Pinterest login you can enjoy more welding cart plans and ideas by jumping over there at this link. Welding Cart Plans And Images Pinterest Board.

4. Another Twist On The 2 Shelf Basic Welding Cart Plan

Dave Jewer Before And After

Ready for a twist?

You’ve the before and after loading Dave Jewer’s welding cart pictured above.

Before he put is stuff on it – and after.

You’ll see he’s got his second arc welder on the bottom shelf. And his 80 cf gas tank on the back.

You’ll find no inners to his shelf design. His cart is sized to carry his welders on the main frame itself.

You have in this design the same sized casters all round. And your handle to get your cart just where you need it on the front.

You can scroll down his web page to Step 1. There you’ll freely find his materials and cut list. Carry on down the page and read the detail of his cart build plan.

5. Your Sturdy Yet Modest Welding Cart

Steve Bedair Cart Cable

Made from 2 inch square tubing this little welding cart by Steve Bedair is built to carry weight. He’s used his Lincoln Pro-MIG 175 to put this baby together. And you’ll need something decent to weld up this sized tubing.

You’ll find the idea of cable reel a handy touch. – Just be sure to use cable rated for your welder’s output.

The bicycle grip is a cheeky twist. Used to steer this welding cart around.

Steve Bedair Welding Cart

You’ll find the instructions you need at his website here. It’s over two pages so don’t forget to click next page for the rest of the cart build plan.

6. When You Have 2 Welders For Your Welding Cart

Making Stuff Welding Cart

Here you have a welding cart to hold 1 MIG and 1 TIG welder.

You’ll notice the welded hooks on the side of the frame. They’ll hold your hoses and cables. And here you’ll see the compressed gas tank secured with a chain.

Itching to find out how to make one of these? Watch this 11 minute 12 second YouTube video.

Video Credit: Making Stuff

You’ll be able to access these welding cart drawings by becoming a Maker level patreon at the link here.

But note, you’re not getting step by step plan instructions when you sign up. What you get is access to the 3D drawings.

7. A Cart to Hold A MIG Welder, TIG Welder and Plasma Cutter

Rick Webster MIG TIG And Plasma Cart

When you’re a titan and have the kit to prove it. Your going to need a welding cart to go the distance.

You’ll find at Rick Webster 4×4 Review page a full plan. And bill of materials list as well as details around the welding cart build itself.

If you’re a fan of his cart design. And got a lot of kit to get exactly where you want it in your workshop. Then this could be the one for you.

You’ll find his website page design a bit old school. But if you can get yourself past that you may well enjoy building this cart.

8. Heavy Duty Welder Cart On Lincoln Electric’s Site

L E Heavy Duty Welder Cart

A marvelous heavy duty welder’s cart idea. You’ll find this cart featured on the Lincoln Electric site. It’s made with large rubber wheels all round.  And you steer from the front axle.

Ideal, if you’ve rough terrain you need to get your cart over.

You’ll find another benefit of rubber wheels when the welding slag starts flying. You’re not risking a flat making your mobile welding cart as immobile as it gets.

You’ve two shelves and a secure area for your compressed gas bottle. You’ve metal corners around the tank. You’ll find they help stop your bottle getting knocked and dislodged. Particularly when going over uneven ground.

You can take a look at a high level guide and images at this button link.

9. And It’s Called The Ultimate Welding Cart Build

Holey Joe Everlast Welder Cart

You can be the judge of this eye-popping welding cart idea. 

And when you have serious gear, you need a serious cart.

You’ve 3 shelves with wood used for the shelf flooring. This baby is going to be a weight to move.

Here’s the 7 minutes 25 second YouTube Video. It’s part 1 of a 2 part video series build.

Video Credit: Holey Joe Engineering

10. 3 Shelf Welding Cart With Pull-Out Drawer

Homesteadonomics Welding Cart

You’ll find this welding cart project also featured on the Forney welder’s website.

You’ll find no bill of materials or cut list.

But watch the below video, size up what you need and you should be able to create your own.

You might decide that a chain to hold your compressed gas tank onto the cart is a better way to go.  It’ll be your preference.

You can watch this 8 minute 12 second YouTube video for a peek at how it all comes together.

Video Credit: Homesteadonomics

Last Words

And there you have some awesome ideas. And some plans for your welding cart project.

Build your own and make it easy to move your welder around your home workshop. And save strain on your back.

Not to mention that you can take pleasure each time you use your cart, that you welded it yourself.

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