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Are you tempted to buy one?

Because you’ve got a Hobart 140 and you fancy a cart as a handy accessory.

It’ll definitely make it easier for you to move your Hobart 140 filled with your 10 lb. of welding wire. Plus its hoses and a compressed tank of gas.

Yes, you might love the charm of its looks, tastefully matching with your Hobart welder.

And practically it’ll be back saving.

Justifying the cost by saving you pain. And the potential costs of visits to your favorite back therapist.

How Does Your Hobart 140 Welder Cart Arrive?

You’ll get it shipped flat packed. And this means you’ll need to spend an 1/2 hour or so putting your welding cart together.

Putting Your Hobart 140 Cart Together

You’ll find there are brief instructions. But you won’t need much as it’s straight forward enough. And quick to put together.


Have handy beside you and in easy reach. Your collection of nuts and bolts. Because the screws shipped with your Hobart cart wont all fit well. And you’ll likely find yourself frustrated at some stripped out screws.

And you may need to push and pull to align some of the holes.

But don’t worry once you’ve your Hobart 140’s welding cart put together, it’s pretty sturdy. And will happily hold your Hobart 140 with its spool of wire inside and your cylinder of welding gas.

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Hobart 140 Cart and Weld Bottle

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Shelves On Your Hobart Handler 140 Cart

You’ve two shelves on the Hobart cart.

The top shelf is where your Hobart 140 sits. And you’ve an 1/2 inch or less gap between your welder and the shelf it sits on.

And that means your Hobart 140 sits pretty secure on your welding cart.

The lip of the shelf is small enough so that you can open the cabinet door of your Hobart 140. Get inside and change your welding wire or take a peak at your welding settings on the door.

Hobart 140 On Welding Cart
Hobart 140 On Welding Cart

And your Hobart Handler 140 cart will fit any of the Hobart Handler series of welders.

Your bottom tray is where you can pop your power cord, hose and MIG gun when you’re not using your 140. Or you could it use to store some supplies. Or to put your welding helmet on.

Your 140 Welding Cart Has Space For Your Gas Tank

You’ll find a section at the back of your Hobart 140 welding cart.

Back Of Hobart 140 Welding Cart
Back Of Hobart 140 Welding Cart

Back there is where you put your compressed gas tank cylinder. And you’ll find holes in the metal guard that you can use to chain and secure your tank.

Keeping it firmly in place so that there’s no chance of your gas cylinder tipping over and falling.

The last thing you want.

YouTube Video Showing A Hobart Handler On The Welding Cart

Want to see the Hobart welding cart with an actual welder on it?

You can see one in this video.  The video is set up to start where the Hobart welding cart shows.

Have a peak. It’ll take you about 7 seconds.

DIY Welding Project: Hobart Handler

Video Credit: Hobart Welding Products

Vital Statistics Of Your Hobart Handler 140 Cart

Over All Size

You’ll find its size over all is 18 inch high. It’s 30 inches long and 12.5 inches wide.

With your Hobart 140 on the top shelf the total height plus your 140 MIG welder is some 30 inches. So it’s not very tall.

Hobart Welding Products say the largest size of gas cylinder the cart support. They say you should not load the cart with a compressed gas cylinder taller than 33 inches. Or more than 7 inches in diameter.

The shelf where your Hobart 140 sits is 12.5 x 19.75 inches. A little wider and longer than your Hobart Handler.

Weight Of Your Hobart 140 Cart

Your Hobart 140 welding cart weighs 25.6 lbs.

And can take your Hobart 140 at 57 lbs.

And a gas cylinder of compressed gas at a maximum weight of 75 lbs.

And your cart makes all that potential weight easier for you to wheel about.

What Is The Hobart 140 Welding Cart Made Of?

You’ll find your Hobart cart is reassuringly made of steel. And not Aluminum.

Steel means it’ll deal with the weight of your Hobart 140, its cables. The wire inside your welder – after all you could have a 10 lb. spool inside.

And your compressed gas cylinder.

Compressed Gas Tanks You Can Fit On Your Hobart Welding Cart

Hobart themselves say no gas cylinders larger than 7 inches in diameter. Or 33 inches tall and weighing more than 75lbs.

So this means you can put on tank sizes of;

  • R also known as a 20. It holds around 21 cubic feet of gas
  • And tank size RR also known as a 40. It holds around 44 cubic feet of gas.
  • You could also use a Q1, known as a 60. This tank holds around 65 cubic feet of gas.
  • And you could use a Q also known as an 80. It holds around 85 cubic feet of gas.

These are the popular tank sizes for welder’s MIG welding in a home workshop. Or small farm or garage shop. And you’ll be fine if that’s where you do your welding.

Need to find out more about compressed gas tank sizes? Have a read of this article here.

Other Key Stuff To Know About Your Hobart Cart

The Hobart 140 welding cart is compact and short at 30 inches high.

You’ll find no handle to help you wheel it around.

Your options are pushing it around using the cylinder, as you’ll have it secured.

Or welding a size you want handle onto your cart.

This is a shortcoming of this welding cart.


Hobart gives you 1 years warranty on your welding cart.

You can check it out here.

Hobart 140 Cart and Weld Bottle

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