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Are you fed up of welding on the floor?

Are you bending down, finding it awkward to get yourself comfortable welding?

Then it’s the right time to build yourself a welding table.

Somewhere you can reach your projects with ease while your doing those great welds.

And of course it helps if it’s a tasty addition to your workshop.

And a table that your buddies openly lust after.

Well then. It sounds like you’re ready to take a look at a few welding table plans and start on your own build.

1. A Have Where You Want And Adjust The Height Welding Table

Phil V Welding Table

You’ll watch Phil in this YouTube video build a sturdy steel, move where you want welding table. You’ll see him welding it up using his TIG welder. Though there is no reason you couldn’t use your MIG welder if that’s what you weld with.

You’ll like the way he creates the plates to bolt his casters onto using threaded bolts.  He does the same for the end of his table legs.

And you using this trick will allow you to adjust your welding top table height to what you want.

And level it up.

Do you find it annoying when your welding table just isn’t quite level?

That’s why the trick is so cool.

Welding Table Build (Plans Available!)

7 minute 5 second YouTube video

Video Credit: Phil Vandelay

You can find his plans at his Etsy shop at this link here.

You’ll find that you’ll have to pay a small price to get them.

Phil V Welding Table Plans

2. Lincoln Electric 18 Inch By 30 Inch Steel Welding Table

If you can get past the text on this site. It’s a bit of an eye test with it being so small.

You’ll need to zoom in on your browser. Once you’ve done that you’ll find this compact mild steel welding table.

It’s an easy build welding table designed for light duty.

And the plus is that it’s designed with a welding gun holder. And a shelf to store your stuff. Plus some casters so that it’s easy for you to move around.

The Lincoln Electric page has a list of all the materials you’ll need. And you can see the table build plan and materials list here.

3. Lots Of Welding Table Images And Plans Pinterest Board

Pinterest Welding Table Board

And if you’re into Pinterest you can take a look at his board. There you’ll find tons of fabrication ideas for your welding table build. 

And know the satisfaction of putting together a great welding table. You can get to the Pinterest Board here. Follow This Link to Welding Table Plan Pinterest Board.

4. A Welding Table To Hanker Over

Home Stead Welding Table

With two pull out drawers at the front. And slide out table extensions at either end. Table extensions you can use for supporting more tools and your accessories.

This 30 inches wide by 53 inches long welding table is one you’ll hanker after.

In this video you’ll see the complete build of the welding table.

You’ll be intrigued when he adds table stops. He adds these to the 4 corners of the welding table.

Add these to your own welding table build plans and you can use these to adjust the level of your table. Plus stop it from rolling away.

It’s a 13 minutes 39 second video YouTube Video.

Welding Table / Workbench Build – How To

Video Credit: Homesteadonomics

You’ll find no plans in this video. But by watching along you should be able to draw up your own plans.

5. Several Welding Table Ideas And A Vintage One

On the web page at WcWelding you’ll find a few welding table ideas. And a couple of plans to satisfy you.

Scroll down the page to find instructions for this vintage welding table build.

Vintage Welding Table Plans

Too retro for you?

Then take a look at this more modern welding table with shields to corral your weld spatter.

Welding Table With Screen Plan

With this welding table plan you get some shielding for the eyes of passerby’s. And a lower storage shelf to put your stuff on. You can find them all at this link here.

6. A Bigger Welding Table: 4 Foot x 2 Foot

Extreme How To Welding Table And Plan

At this welding table build site you’ll find some tips and tricks on what to do with your welding table build.

You may want to scale this table plan down if you’ve not got the space for a table this large. But if you do have the room then this one could be the perfect platform for those large builds you have in mind.

Extreme How To Plan

You can find this build here.

7. Ultimate Welding Table

Ultimate Welding Table

Is it the ultimate welding table?  You can be the judge of that.

But I think you’ll agree it’s mega.

You have on this welding table a place to plug in. A place hold your tools. Slide out wings to help you hold up those larger welding projects.

And when you need to take your welding table over rough ground. Then the super sized tires will get you there.

You can check out this heavenly welding table here.

8. One To Embrace When You’ve A Large Welding Shop Space

Four wheeler Welding Table

And by large you’ll find this welding table is 4 foot by 8 foot in size.

Your buddies will have their mouths wide open when you put together this baby.

In this article you get taken through a charming plan build of this large welding table. 

You’ve a half shelf on the bottom. And wheeled casters so you can move this table around.

You can sneak a peek at this one here.

9. A Welding Table With Plenty To Excite

Ca Lem Welding Table

Here’s a 13 minute 44 second YouTube video. One that’s had over 2 million views and over 1000 comments. For sure this is a popular welding table build.

You’ll be licking your lips over this one.

You’ve slide out arms to hold extra equipment. A part of the table that rotates.

Gaps in your welding table. You can use those gaps to clamp your project to the table before you weld. A slide out drawer with holders for your tools.

You’ll find it’s quite build. And the build for you when you’ve fabricated a few previous projects. 

Ca Lem Close Up Of Rotating Part Of Table

You may be unconvinced at the end of the video when you see where he puts his welder. He puts it on the bottom shelf of his welding table.

You may not want to do the same.

Because bits of spatter could fall down on your precious welder.

Homemade Welding Table

Video Credit: Ca Lem

10. Your Reliable Welding Table Plan

Red Wing Standard Welding Table

Check out this site by Red Wing Steel Works for not one but two welding table plans.

And you’ll find two pretty awesome pdf plans to go with those welding tables.

The first table is 3 foot by 5 foot. And it’s a great example of a trusty welding table. Of course you could add a shelf or weld some wheels on and turn it into a welding table you can easily move around.

You’ve the overview page for the basic welding table here.

You can find the pdf plans for the basic welding table at this link.

11. A Trusty Table You Can Be Proud You Made Yourself

Red Wing Heavy Duty Welding Table

The second welding table by Redwing Steel Works is heavier.

Perfect when you really need a table that can take some weighty metal repairs. And you’ve a awesome welder to go with it.

Because you’ll need to have the power available to you to weld this table together.

You’ll find the plans size this welding table as 3 foot by 5 foot. But you can size the plans up as you need.

You can find the overview on this welding table here.

And the pdf plans for this sturdy welding table at this link.

12. When You Want A Welding Table With Simple Clean Lines

LE 6 by 4 Welding Table

Take a look at this design on the Lincoln Electric site. It’s a straight forward 6 ft. by 4 ft. welding table.

You’ve a handy shelf underneath and casters.

And a metal bar to help you move your table around. Or you can use the bar as a place to hang some of your tools.

Link to Lincoln Electric Mobile welding table.

Last Words On Welding Table Plans

A world class welding table is more than having somewhere you can connect your work clamp to.

It’s somewhere to enjoy your welding. Where you can stand or sit up on a chair and weld comfortably.

A place where you can make those welds you can be proud of. And build projects others admire.

Looking for more things welding? Check out these selected article on the site below.

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