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Are you stuck and can’t choose between the two?

The Hobart Handler 190 and the Lincoln 180 Easy MIG welders. Because you want to choose the one that’ll make you the master of your welds.

You want a strong MIG welder so you can do those repairs yourself. And take a step up from the entry level MIG welders.

When You Compare The Hobart 190 vs The Easy MIG 180

You’ll find the 190 has a wider welding output range with 10 more top end Amps. So you can weld that bit further. But your MIG 180 is lighter if you want take it with you. Plus you get more starter freebies on the Lincoln 180.

The Hobart 190 has the longer warranty and over all is the best of the two MIG welders.

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Hobart 190 VS Lincoln 180

On Amazon

Hobart Handler 190 500554

Hobart 190 Output Dial And Wire Feed

Weight: 68 lbs.

Output: 25 to 190 Amp

See Today’s Price on Amazon

Lincoln 180 K2598-1

Easy MIG 180 Side On

Weight: 56 lbs.

Output: 30 to 180 Amp

See Today’s Price on Amazon

Pros Of The Hobart Handler 190 VS Lincoln Easy MIG 180

  • You can dial up 7 welding outputs settings. 2 more than the Lincoln 180. And a welding output from 25 to 190 Amps. Giving you 5 more Amps at the low end and 10 more Amps of power at the top end. For you that means more welding force.
  • You’ve 5 year’s warranty on the 190 versus 3 years on the Lincoln 180. With a Lincoln option to buy 2 more years.
  • Your Hobart 190 is just that bit more gutsy welding Aluminum.
  • You’ll find the Hobart Handler 190’s manual the better of the two welders. Clearer and a more satisfying read.

Cons Of The Hobart Handler 190 vs Lincoln Easy MIG 180

  • Your Hobart 190 is sturdy and that means it’s heavier. 68 lbs. Versus 56 lbs. on the Lincoln 180.

Pros Of The Lincoln Easy MIG 180 VS Hobart Handler 190

  • You get more starter freebies. 6 contact tips and two spools of sample Lincoln wire. One for MIG welding, one for gasless flux core welding.
  • Your Easy MIG 180 is lighter to carry than the Hobart 190. You’ll fit a 10 lb. spool of wire in before you get up to the weight of the Hobart 190.

Cons Of The Lincoln Easy MIG 180 VS Hobart Handler 190

  • Lower warranty at 3 years. You’ve an optional 2 years extended warranty you can buy.
  • The Easy MIG 180 manual is good. But not as cracking as Hobart 190’s.

Quick Comparison Chart

Hobart 190Lincoln Easy-MIG 180
Output Dials7 tapped settings5 tapped settings
Output Range25 to 190 Amp30 to 180 Amp
Duty Cycle30% at 130 Amp30% at 130 Amp
Warranty5 years 3 years

Different Lincoln 180s

You’ll find Lincoln Electric sells a few 180 Amp welders. Some are the same. Others are a bit different.

The one you have compared here is Lincoln’s Easy-MIG 180.

It’s the same as the Weld-Pak 180 HD from Home Depot. The HD stands for Home Depot.

It’s the same welder as the Pro-MIG 180 and MIG-Pak 180.

Why all the names?

Lincoln Electric has several distributors. They each brand the Lincoln 180 a bit different.

But you’ll find the Power MIG 180c and Power MIG 180 Dual are a bit different. And you’ll notice they cost more.

The Power MIG 180c is an industrial and commercial grade welder. Made for fabrication and auto repair shops. 

The specs are similar to the other 180’s. Output Amp, welding output range and size of wires used are the same.

But you’ll see the main changes are that it has an uprated wire feed drive roll. And an infinitely variable dial for your welding output control. Instead of the tapped dials on the other 180’s.

The Power MIG 180 Dual has largely similar specs to the other 180’s. It’s uprated as well with a variable output dial and internals.

Again like the 180c it’s aimed at industrial or commercial welding. Here the main difference is that you can power your 180 Dual from either 120 volts if that’s all you have. Or from a 230 volt input.

This makes this welder easier to take to your buddies place and weld there. When they only have 120 volt you can power from.

Other than those differences on the Power MIG 180’s you’ll find the specs are the same.

Look YouTube Video On The Lincoln 180

Watch this 2 minute 4 second promo video on the Lincoln 180. It’s a fantastic intro.

Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 180

Video Credit: Northern Tool

Welding Output Hobart 190 vs Lincoln 180

You’ll get a wider output range on your Hobart Handler 190.  Because you’ve a juicy 25 Amp to 190 Amp of output.

Your Lincoln Easy MIG 180 in contrast will give you a fulfilling welding output from 30 Amp to 180 Amp.

What does that mean?

When you buy the Hobart 190 you’ve that tiny bit more leeway on thinner metals. And just that bit more oomph – 10 Amps at the top end for thicker metals.

And for when your welding tougher to weld metals. This means your Hobart 190 will be better with stainless steel and Aluminum welding.

Both these metals draw Amps out of a MIG welder.

Hobart Handler 190 And Lincoln 180 Duty Cycles

The duty cycle on your Hobart Handler is 30% @ 130 Amps. And you’ll find the Lincoln Electric 180 the same. So you’ll find no differences there.

What’s the meaning of this duty cycle figure?

It means that when you set both welders at 130 Amp. You’ll have 3 minutes welding, out of a 10 minute welding window.  After that you’ll have to rest your welder. Or risk damage through overheating.

But you’ll notice this 3 minutes of welding time is not at the maximum welding output that both the 190 and the 180 can do. 

Weld at their top welding output and you’ll have a dramatic cut in the time you can weld.

Plus your local welding conditions could also cut into your welding time.

Welding in the summer when it’s hot and humid will cut down on your welding time.

Take Pleasure In This YouTube Video On The Hobart 190

Observe the key points of the Hobart 190 in this 2 minute 34 second video.

Hobart Handler 19 MIG Welder (500554)

Video Credit: Hobart Welding Products

Input Power You Need For Your 190 and 180

Both need single phase power at 60 hz.

Lincoln 180

You’ll need 230 volts or 208 volts. And this means you can run it on 220 volt input power if that’s all you have.

You’ll need a 40 Amp super lag fuse on your circuit.

Hobart 190

You’ll find your Hobart needs 230 volts and a 30 Amp fuse. Or a 25 Amp time delay fuse.

But the spec’s of NEMA mean you can input 220 volts for a little reduction in your welding output.

Both the Lincoln 180 and Hobart 190 use a NEMA 6-50P plug.

Lincoln 180 Power Plug
Lincoln 180 Power Plug

Your Welding Controls On The Easy MIG 180 V 190

Your Easy MIG 180 has a 5 position tapped dial on the front left. You use this to dial up your welding output settings. The letters on the dial run from A through to E.

And a 10 position infinitely variable wire feed speed dial.

Easy MIG 180 Output Dial And Wire Feed
Easy MIG 180 Output Dial And Wire Feed

Your Hobart 190 500554 has the wire feed speed dial on the front top center. And the welding output dial below it.

Both have tapped dials. But on your Hobart 190 you’ve 7 welding output settings. The dial runs from 1 to 7.

Your wire feed speed dial also has 10 positions and runs from 10 to 100.

What else is there to know?

Hobart 190 Output Dial And Wire Feed
Hobart 190 Output Dial And Wire Feed

Your 180’s wire feed speed runs from 50 inches per minute to 500.

Your 190’s wire feed speed runs from 40 inches per minute to 740.

Summing Up

When you compare the two for the command you have on your welding output. The Hobart Handler 190 is the clear winner. You get more output settings. And this reflects the wider welding output range.

And a wider range on the wire feed speed.

When you’re weld repairing a wide variety of parts and metal thicknesses. Or building metal box sections, you’ll get more done with the Hobart 190.

What Is the Same On The Lincoln 180 V The Hobart 190?

You’ll discover that there are lots of areas where these two badass welders are the same.

Both the Lincoln and the Hobart can weld with gas less flux core wire. And weld with solid MIG wire and shielding gas.

And both will weld mild steel and stainless steel. Turn on your optional spool guns for the sweet welding of Aluminum.

You’ll find in both boxes when you buy solid dual gauge gas regulators. They’re for your pure Argon. Or your Argon Carbon Dioxide mix compressed gas bottles.

Both welder outputs you control with tapped output dials.

What’s that?

You set the output you want with dial that steps from setting to setting. With a click. You’ve can’t tune your output by putting your output dial between two outputs.

For example between 3 and 4 on the Hobart. Or between C and D on the Lincoln 180.

Both have infinitely variable wire feed speed dials. So you can set those dials exactly where you want.

Both have strong duty cycles of 30% @ 130 Amps.

Both have 10 ft. of cable to the MIG gun and 10 ft. of cable to your grounding clamp. Giving you a wide welding area.

Both will hold 4 inch or 8 inch spools. 2 lb. or 10 lbs. spools of welding wire. And come with adaptors to allow you to put on the larger spools of wire. Plus they have cast Aluminum quality drive rolls.

Both come with thermal protection that will cut the power to your welder if you go over the duty cycle. So that you don’t burn out your welder.

There’s lots you’ll find the same on these plucky MIG welders.

Strength Of Users Feedback On Amazon

You might find it eye-opening to know what the users who’ve bought the Hobart 190 and the Lincoln 180 say.

There’s a lot of uplifting comments on Amazon on both welders.

You can check on the latest using these button links.  And come to your own view.

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See The Feedback On The Hobart 190

See The Feedback On The Lincoln 180

Scroll down to the end of the Amazon sales page. And pick the level of feedback you want.

Metals You Can Weld 190 VS 180

You’ll find both welders can weld mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminum metals.

And you can buy a spool gun as an optional extra on each welder to feed your Aluminum welding wire. For when you want to weld up those Aluminum sections.

You use Hobart’s SpoolRunner 100 for your Hobart 190.

And the Magnum 100SG Spool Gun for your Lincoln Easy MIG 180.

Metal Sizes And Gauges: Lincoln Easy MIG 180 VS Hobart 190

Mild Steel MIG Welding Compared

Your Hobart 190 will weld

Mild steel with solid wire and gas. You can weld from 24 gauge thick metal to 5/16ths in a single pass.

Although the manual does caution you by saying 1/4 inch and 5/16th ‘may need’ multiple passes.

So depending on what you’re welding. You may need more weld passes on 1/4 inch 5/16 ths. steel.

Your Lincoln 180 will weld

Mild steel with solid wire and gas from 24 gauge to 3/16 ths in a single pass. Thicker sheet metal and you’ll need multiple passes.

You can see from this that with the Hobart Handler 190 you’re better covered. You have the bit more at the top end for your thicker mild steel sheet metal.

Though for you in your home welding shop. You may find yourself welding multiple passes above 3/16 ths. steel on both.

Gasless Flux Core Mild Steel Welding Compared

Your Hobart 190 will weld

Mild steel gasless flux core from 20 gauge thick to 5/16 ths. On 5/16 ths you ‘may need’ multiple passes.

Your Lincoln 180 will weld

Mild steel gas less flux cored from 18 gauge thick to 5/16 ths.

And 1/2 inch thick mild steel with .045 inch flux core wire.

Here you’ll see your Hobart 190 can flux core weld thinner gauges of sheet metal.

Stainless Steel Compared

Your Hobart 190 will weld

Stainless Steel with solid wire and Tri-Mix gas from 20 gauge thick to 1/4 inch.

Again Hobart cover themselves by saying for 1/4 inch you ‘may need’ multiple passes

Your Lincoln 180 will weld

You’ll find no settings for welding stainless steel on your Easy MIG 180 which is curious. The LE 180 certainly does support stainless steel welding. And it’s likely you’ll find 3/16 ths. thick is the maximum thickness you’d weld. With 20 gauge being the thinnest.

Aluminum Welding Compared

Your Hobart 190 will weld

Aluminum from 16 gauge to 1/4 thick.

Your Lincoln 180 will weld

Aluminum 22 gauge up 3/16th.

On both welder’s you’ll need to use the optional spool guns. But a mixed result. The Lincoln 180 will weld thinner Aluminum but not cope above 3/16th.

If you plan on welding above 3/16th Aluminum you’re better off with the Hobart 190.

In The Box Bits To Get You Started

The Easy MIG K2598-1 for sure wins out here.

Complimentary in the box you buy you’ll get:

  • 3 x 0.025 inch contact tips
  • 3 x 0.035 inch contact tips
  • A sample spool of 0.025 in SuperArc L-56 Lincoln MIG wire
  • And a sample spool of 0.035 inch Innershield NR-211-MP Lincoln gasless flux core wire

They’ll at least get you going. You’ll be testing and popping out your first welds on your 180 Lincoln welder in no time.

In your Hobart 190 box you’ll get free:

  • 2 x 0.030 contact tips
  • Sample spool of 0.030 inch Hobart gasless flux core wire

A material thickness gauge. For measuring the welding thickness of the metal you’re eyeing up.

How Easy Is Your Lincoln 180 VS Hobart 190 To Carry Around

Your Hobart 190 weighs 68 lbs.

Your Lincoln 180 is 56 lbs. in weight.

Your Hobart Handler 190 is 10.6 inches wide by 12.4 high by 19.5 inches long.

Your Lincoln Easy-MIG 180 is 10.15 inches wide by 13.7 inches high by 18.2 inches long.

This makes the Lincoln 180 lighter and that bit smaller. And on this measure you’ll find the Lincoln 180 easier for you to carry about.


Load in a 10 lb. spool of wire in either of these welders. Add on a tank of shielding gas and you’ll be soon looking for a welding cart to save your back from strain.

Weld yourself up one. Or buy the carts from Hobart or Lincoln to put your welder on.

Warranty Difference Lincoln 180 To Hobart 190

With the Hobart Handler you get 5 year’s warranty. You’ll find its nets down to 5 years warranty on the transformer. 3 years warranty on the drive systems and 1 year warranty on your MIG gun.

On your Lincoln Electric 180 you’ve 3 years parts and labor warranty. It’s even stamped on the front of your welder so you’re clear on it.

You can extend it by up to 2 years in US and Canada. You’ve 1 year warranty on your regulator and 90 days on your MIG gun and cables.

By the warranty measurement the Hobart Handler 190 has the edge.

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