Gifts For A Welder

As a welder and someone who has been around the welder community for over ten years, I know what I would like to receive as a gift from a friend or a loved one.

Something that’s a mixture of the fun and light hearted. As well as the practical.

A present that’s a great to have and use. But one your welder loved one never got around to buying for themselves.

This list of 9 ideas, gifts for a welder, range from the fun and budget easy. To the practical gifts that every welder would love to own.

And even if they already have one, a second would come in just as handy.

Here’s a list to make your favorite welder smile. And think of you each time they look at or use your thoughtful present.

You’ll enjoy running through this list of 9 gifts for your special welder.

And should you be looking for an actual welder to give as a gift. Then do take a look at these articles. “Best MIG Welder for Beginners, when You’re on a Budget“. Or “Best MIG Welder for Home Use, when You’ve No Gear and No Idea“.

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Now onto your gift list …

1. Weld Life Welder Decal Sticker

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At the budget end of the spectrum who wouldn’t love and know just where to place this 8 inches x 3.25 inches tall sticker.

Designed to be long life and survive the outdoor elements. With white words on a transparent background your welder gift can be

put on a car window, car or truck bumper, welding hood, tool box or any smooth clean surface. And that list was just off the top of my head.

There are many places your welder loved one could place this sticker to announce their love of all things welding. 

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2. Welder Nutritional Facts Coffee Mug

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This white traditional style coffee mug has funny gag text printed on both sides of the mug.

This coffee mug arrives in its own box ready to be gift wrapped. Many welders gifts have sexualized text or figures and I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that. But when you want to gift something that is not in that vein then this mug fits the bill.

The text on this mug is funny yet clean enough for the most devout welder. Also cool as a gift for those welder ladies out there.

Put a smile on your favorite welders face with this gift

Microwave and dishwasher friendly if that’s important to you.

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3. Welding Is Like Sewing With Fire T-Shirt

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This welders T-shirt made in Michigan by the Ann Arbor t-shirt company makes a great clothing gift for a welder.

The usual size and manufacture information is printed inside on the T-shirt material. There is no a separate tag to irritate and tickle the back of the neck.

The welding is like sewing with fire logo is printed on the front. The shirt is plain on the back.  Short sleeved, crew necked t-shirt in a shape that flatters both sexes as it is slightly tapered. Which means the T-shirt will fit male and female welders alike. The print on the shirt is quality so as not to fade, crack or peel during wear.

Made with 100% USA grown cotton, always a good material to weld in. A spark from welding will cause a hole but not stick to the skin the way polyester based clothing will.

The grade of cotton they use at Ann Arbor means this shirt is also soft on the skin and easy to wear.

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4. Estwing Chipping Hammer

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Welders in the know, lust after the Estwing E3-WC Welder’s Chipping Hammer, because it’s a top quality chipping hammer.

Weighs 14 oz., which is a nice weight. With a shock reduction grip on the handle which is kind on the hand wielding it and makes the hammer comfortable to grip and use.

When you are looking for a chipping hammer don’t go for the chipping hammers with spirals in the handle, they just bend and warp.

This Estwing is a one-piece forged steel construction means that your welder man or woman will be using this quality tool for a life time.

The hammer also retains its sharp tip and will just peel that welding slag clean off.

Made in Rockford, Illinois using American Steel for those who want to buy US made products.

Size, 11.1 inches tall x 7.1 inches across the head of the hammer x 1.2 inches on the handle.

Buy this practical gift for your welder sweetheart and they will use and remember you for a lifetime.

Would you like to see the hammer in action? Take a look at his short YouTube video I found.

Estwing Slag Chipping Hammer

Video Credit: Weldingandfab

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5. Channellock 360 Welder’s Pliers

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A good set of welders pliers are a must have for every welder. And these welders pliers from Channellock, who have made pliers since 1886 lead the pack.

Use the cross hatch teeth on the tip to grip and pull out welding wire.

The pliers are spring loaded making it easy to get a crisp, clean cut of welding wire with less force. The cutting edge is heat treated so that is remains sharp and cuts well for longer. 

The nose of the pliers are used to remove spatter around the welding nozzle.

Another quality tool that is made in the USA. Buy this as a welder gift for your favored welder and they will be the envy of their welder buddies.

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6. Procedure Book Of Arc Welding

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How about getting your best welder the bible of the arc welding industry? 

This handbook as been published since 1933 and is a seminal study of welding. The book details, with diagrams the arc welding process.

The Procedure Book of Arc Welding is THE reference guide and will detail to your welder friend just about anything they want to know about arc welding.

Useful for the professional welder, the welder in welding school or home novice welder alike, a copy of this handbook should be in every welders garage or workshop.

Easy to read and with clear explanations so that they can select the correct electrode, the right process and shielding gas to use. This book is a classic and a great gift for a welder.

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7. Markal 962 Pro Holder And Starter Lead Welder Pencil

Markal Pro Welders Pencil
Markal Pro Welders Pencil And Sharpener

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Another practical welder’s gift.

Perfect for making those marks and notes on metal sheets. The slim note tip gets into those hard to reach places should your welder love want to draw a cutting line, mark a drilling point or make a mark to weld to.

Refills are available in red, yellow or silver – a great range of colors to suit every need. A perfectly useful stocking filler for your welder.

Markal Pro – Extended Reach Mechanical Marker

Video Credit: LA-Co Industries, Inc.

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8. Miller Electric 229895 Gage

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Budget friendly and practical and every welder should have at least one sheet metal thickness gage. This gage from Miller Electric, a long standing and quality name in the industry, will measure sheet metal from 24 gauge up to 5/16th of an inch.

Also has grooves to measure the popular welding wire diameter sizes, 0.024, 0.030 and 0.035.

There is a keychain ring attached so this gage can live on your welder’s key ring and be there convenient to use.

This gift allows your favorite novice or professional welder to determine the thicknesses of the metals they plan to weld, without needing to eyeball and possibly guess wrong. They can know exactly and set up their welder correctly for the metal they are welding.

The Miller Electric gage’s overall size is 4 inches, 3.2 inches by 0.7 inches.

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9. Dewalt DWE 4120 Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

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Every welder needs an angle grinder to help him or her neaten and tidy up those welds. Perfect for the home welder, every garage should have one.

Perhaps two, ready with different welding flaps installed to save time spent in changing over flaps.

Your welder loved one can use this grinder it to clean up rust from dirty steel ready for welding.

This portable angle grinder can fit a variety of wheels and those wheels are relatively inexpensive to buy and are of good quality.

Yes, it has a cable and will need to be plugged in, it’s not battery powered but that aside you get a lot of power in a tough little package. Your best welder relative will not know how they got by without one.

Buy with a Kit box to store the Angle grinder in.

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Wrapping Up On Your Gifts For A Welder

I hope you enjoyed my article “Gifts for a Welder, 9 Gifts a Welder Would Choose”. I trust I have given you some ideas for fun, yet practical gifts for your best welder.

Gifts that a welder would choose for themselves, given the chance.

Now that you are here, if you are thinking about a MIG Welder as a gift, do have a look at my article covering MIG welders for beginners or the article that looks at the good MIG welders for home use. They will help you choose.