Christmas Gifts for a Welder 11 Gifts They Really Want

By Bill Byers / October 23, 2018
Christmas Gift For a Welder

Christmas is only a few weeks away and you'll need to choose quickly to get your favorite welder the right gift. A gift they will love and something they would really want.

Whether you know a lot about welding or nothing, my plan is to provide a guide in this article. I run through some great Christmas gifts for a welder and help make your task easier.

And just in case you visited this article looking for an actual welder - your welder loved one in that case is extremely lucky - I have articles on the site that will help you there too. Just pop on over to them and take a look. Whether your beloved is a home welder or a beginner welder​.

The Christmas gifts I have suggested range from the budget to the bit more expensive, from the fun to the more functional. Take a look.

1. Lego Mini Welder Figure

Lego Welder
Lego Welder Side
Lego Welder Unmasked

​Want to get your favorite welder a little mini me?

At around 2 inches tall with a removable welding hood/mask. This little welder figure has a cute welding torch and really looks the part. Plenty of little details complete this mini welder's outfit, particularly as he also comes complete with a tank of gas.

He's the perfectly fun stocking filler or Christmas trinket. He will sit on a workshop shelf, table or in the garage. Definitely not a toy for small children as this little figure does have removable parts.

2. Must Weld Zombie Welder Sticker

Complete with hard hat and welding torch this 2 inch zombie welder sticker is a budget Christmas welder gift and stocking filler.

Your best welder can peel and stick on their welding hood or welding mask or on their trusty tool box. This sticker comes in a pack of 3 stickers.

Both weather and UV resistant, the zombie figure is created on waterproof vinyl, which is designed to last for years.

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3. NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses

Now for a more practical Christmas gift for a welder

Safety glasses are a must have in any welder workshop and I like this pair from NoCry. Particularly for the welder who wears glasses as these are designed to fit over them.

Should your welder love wear glasses it is difficult to find a pair of safety glasses that will fit over them and these are designed to do just that.

Anti scratch, these safety glasses meet ANSI Z87+ and OSHA certification standards. And protect their precious eyes from dust, and flying objects.

These safety glasses have adjustable arms on the glasses, which are cushioned allowing the glasses to fit more sizes of heads and be confortable to wear.

This welder Christmas gift also gives UV 400 protection, which will help protect their eyes from the UV rays from welding (though a proper welding helmet or hood is always needed).

Consider purchasing these safety glasses with the NoCry Storage Case and make your Christmas welder present complete.

NoCry also produce safety glasses for non spectacle wearers. You can go through the Amazon link provided below and check those out as well.

4. Ironcat 7010 Heat Resistant Split Cowhide Leather Welding Apron

​Protect your beloved welder's shirt and pants from welding spatter and spark spray from grinding with a Christmas present of a welding bib / apron.

This welding apron has two pockets on the chest to store items in and is sewn with Kevlar thread to keep it strong and long lasting.

Should your beloved welder have no welding protection right now and you're happy to spend a little more to give them fuller protection, team this apron with the IRON Cat welding cape, to protect the neck, arms and shoulders as well.

5. Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

Should your favorite welder spend their time welding in difficult positions, say welding on their back and need side and back protection from dirty surfaces, then a leather welding jacket is a great addition.

The leather that makes up this welding jacket is a great weight, thick and from Lincoln Electric - a quality name in welding.

This welding jacket protects the upper body from the UV rays from welding, welding spatter and grinding sparks.

The Lincoln jacket is heat resistant and flame retardant should the worst happen. There is a pocket inside where your welder can store their personal items including their phone. Welders will tell you outside pockets are a magnet for attracting and trapping burning, stray welding spatter and inside pockets are a much better idea.

The collar comes up to offer the back and the front of the neck protection from the UV rays of welding and sparks.

This jacket is one of those gifts your welder may hold off on buying for themselves and will love it as a Christmas gift.

6. Antra AH6-260-000 Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

A practical Christmas welding present a welding helmet is a necessity to protect your welder's eyes and face from the UV rays from welding and from the flying sparks of spatter.

This Antra welding helmet is solar powered and has four sensors. The shade has a knob to adjust and is variable 4/5 - 9/9 - 13 depending on the darkening required.

It is provided with five extra lenses and has a setting for grinding so your welder can change back and forth from welding to grinding mode with the mode selector on the side of the helmet.

It is not a top of the range helmet and the price reflects that and I wouldn't suggest this helmet for a professional to use as their main welding helmet. But use as a second helmet or for a novice or for light occasional use then there are few to beat it.

​Take a look at his YouTube video on the Antra welding helmet and see what is in the box when it arrives.

Unboxing Antra Welding Helmet

Video Credit: Antra

7. Ally Tools Soap Stone holder

Every welder needs to place marks on the metals they are welding and soapstone is the classic marker to use.

A welder cannot have to many of these markers to hand and so they make a great budget present.

The holder itself is made with Aluminum and the pack comes with 7 round soapstone refills.

Soap stone will allow your best welder to place the marks they need on steel, iron and Aluminum. The marks are then easily wiped off with a cloth when no longer needed. The points can be sharpen with a pencil sharpener.

8. Irwin Vise-Grip Original Locking C-Clamp

Another extremely practical gift on my list of 11 Christmas gifts for a welder.

Every welder needs at least two of these and the more the better - and in various sizes too.  They are like having several pairs of extra hands in the welder's workshop.

These c-clamps are vital for holding together that important welding project till your special welder is ready to weld. They can then put in tack welds and know the piece is properly lined up how they want.

The tip of the Vise-Grip locking c-clamp has swivel pads that hold the welding piece at whatever angle is needed without damage to the metal. Any welder will have as many of these they can get their hands on.

This C-Clamp comes in 6, 11, 18 and 24 inch sizes.

These are made with top grade, heat-treated steel that is designed to stay in place under repetitive use.

If you are still not sure how these C-Clamps are used take a look at this YouTube video and it will all become clear.

Quick Welding Vise

Video credit: Cool Tools

9. Revco Industries GB100 BSX Extreme Gear Pack

Your welder is going to need something to carry and store their welding gear in and this convenient quality backpack fits the Christmas present bill.

This backpack will allow your welder, whether they are a welder student needing to take equipment to class. Or a novice welder looking to hold tools because they need to occasionally go out to where a weld needs to be made.

Or a professional that needs a strong and robust bag to carry their welding equipment in on a daily basis.

This welder's backpack allows your welder to keep all their tools and supplies easily organized. Be it their welding helmet, jacket, gloves, and tools then this will do the job. The welding hood carrier is removable with a d-clip.

Buy for your best friend, the welder going to welding school or your professional welder they will be extremely pleased with this backpack.

Take a look at what this backpack is capable of in this short YouTube video.

BSX Extreme Welders Gear Pack

Video Credit: Black Stallion - BSX

10. Lincoln Electric Welding Cap - All American Print

When your all American welder needs a welding cap under their hood this Lincoln electric cap will fit the bill. A lovely inexpensive Christmas present, this Lincoln electric welding cap is made of cotton with a high thread count which makes the cap soft to the touch.  Even if they already have a welding cap, they will appreciate a second.

Light weight and breathable, this cap is designed to keep the head cool.  It has an elastic band to assist the cap in fitting the head and a mesh inner liner to help absorb sweat.

11. BSX Gear BC5B-BK Welding Beanie

When your loved welder needs a little something to fit under the welding helmet to stop the welding spatter catching their hair a fire! And they don't want to wear a welding cap then a welding beanie is the next best thing.

This welding beanie is made of cotton and helps keeps the head protected when MIG welding.  It is also useful if your welder has a welding helmet that slides around, this beanie can help stop that.

​Last Words

​And there you are my 11 best Christmas gifts for a welder. 11 gifts any welder would choose for themselves. The gifts your welder would really want. I hope you found something here to help you decide on the perfect present for the holidays.

Want more gift ideas? You can take a look at my document "Gifts for a Welder, 9 Gifts a Welder Would Choose".